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SPD for Ethernet Power System

SPD for Ethernet Power System

The POE Ethernet series lightning protection device is a lightning protection device developed for POE network power supply equipment in accordance with the standard requirements of IEC61643-21, EN61643-11:2012, YD5075-98, and IEEE802.3AT. Ethernet SPD adopts lightning protection isolation and release. Low-capacitance lightning protection technology has the advantages of large throughput, fast response time, and low residual voltage. Ethernet surge protection device is used to protect the network lines of POE-powered communication equipment from damage caused by surges; it can also be used to protect communications without a POE power supply. The equipment network line is protected from the damage caused by surge; ethernet surge protection device is widely used in security monitoring, network communication, and other fields.

Products available: 600ss ethernet surge suppressor; POE ethernet lightning surge protection device (spd) for modem and wifi router; rj45, cat5e, cat6 lighting surge arrester; network cable surge protector with coax and ethernet port; outdoor POE ethernet lighting surge suppressor for powerline...

As a big and responsive surge protection devices manufacturer, we always aim to provide high-quality products. If you are interested in our Ethernet lighting protection, you can contact us through the form below. We will negotiate with you at a favorable ethernet lightning arrestor price.

  • Water-proof Outdoor Ethernet Surge protector
    Water-proof Outdoor Ethernet Surge protector
    Techwin Industrial POE (Power over Ethernet) SPD (Surge Protection Device) is specially designed for Ethernet switches. The POE switch will not be damaged by lightning overvoltage, induced overvoltage...
  • POE Surge Protector (Gigabit)
    POE Surge Protector (Gigabit)
    Power over Ethernet protectors is designed for POE power supply equipment, are widely used in the areas of wireless coverage, security monitoring, etc.
  • POE Splitter/ Injector With Lightning Surge Protection
    POE Splitter/ Injector With Lightning Surge Protection
    POE Splitter with lightning protection is a kind of surge protective device, designed for preceding stage POE equipment, which is separated to be the backward stage power supply and network signal transmission respectively.
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