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The difference of Type1/Type 1+2 SPD and Type 2 SPD

TECHWIN surge protectors offer reliable and efficient protection against power surges and electrical disturbances. Our range of surge protection devices includes Type 1/Type 1+2 and Type 2 SPDs, specifically designed for different applications and levels of surge protection.


Type 1+2 surge protection devices, such as the TECHWIN MA25 and MA25S, utilize advanced Gap technology to provide effective protection against direct lightning strikes and severe power surges. These SPDs are equipped with switch-type functionality, allowing them to divert the excess surge energy to the ground and protect your valuable electrical equipment.


On the other hand, Type 2 surge protection devices like the TECHWIN M40B are designed for general and secondary surge protection. These Voltage limiting type SPDs are suitable for installations where the risk of direct lightning strikes is lower, but protection against surges originating from internal sources is still necessary. The M40B offers reliable and efficient protection, ensuring the longevity of your electrical devices.


No matter which type you choose, TECHWIN surge protectors are built to high standards and provide essential protection for your electrical appliances and systems. With our surge protection devices, you can safeguard your equipment from damaging electrical disturbances, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.


When it comes to surge protection, trust the name TECHWIN. Upgrade your surge protection with our Type 1+2 and Type 2 surge protection devices. Protect your investments and avoid costly damages from power surges with TECHWIN surge protectors.

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