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Techwin passed the 2022 CQC China Quality System Certification Annual Review

China Quality Certification Center (CQC) is approved by the Central Institutional Establishment Committee and established by the State Administration for Market Regulation. CQC is the earliest, largest and most authoritative certification body in China to carry out quality certification work. It has accumulated a wealth of international quality certifications for decades. Work experience, various businesses have achieved outstanding results, and the number of certified customers ranks first among national certification agencies and at the forefront of global certification agencies.


From April 11th to 12th, Mr. Cai and Mr. Deng of CQC China Quality Certification Center visited our factory to conduct an annual review of Tiandun's enterprise quality system certification. The company has been audited by China Quality Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as "CQC"), and an expert audit team composed of 2 auditors has carried out the certification of the company's three major management systems (ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, ISO45001 certification hereinafter referred to as "ISO"). It has completed a comprehensive inspection and audit work and successfully passed the 2022 annual supervision and audit. The company leaders accompanied the two teachers to inspect the office area, lightning laboratory, production workshop, warehouse, etc. Afterwards, the two sides held talks and exchanges on the content and form of the review.

The annual audit mainly achieves three audit purposes through the audit of the design and development, production, after-sales service and related management activities of the lightning arrester. First, determine the compliance of the enterprise management system with the audit basis; second, evaluate the effectiveness of the management system to ensure that the enterprise continues to achieve its specified goals; third, confirm whether the enterprise management system is operating normally within the validity period of the certificate.


During the audit process, our company fully cooperated with the teachers of CQC China Quality Certification Center in strict accordance with the "GB/T 19001-2016/ ISO 9001:2015 Standard", through on-site inspections, verification records and face-to-face interviews and other methods to verify in detail The effectiveness of the company's quality management system in the previous cycle.

During the two-day audit, our company successfully passed the 2022 CQC China quality system certification annual audit, which directly shows that our company has attached great importance to quality management over the years. Through this annual review, we will further strengthen the process of quality control, organize learning from time to time, improve the quality awareness of employees, reduce management costs, increase economic benefits, promote enterprise development, and realize the "Leading Brand of Lightning Protection and Intelligent Solutions" enterprise's goal.

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