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MA25 series Type 1+2 /Class B+C Switch-type surge protectors

MA25 series Type 1+2 /Class B+C Switch-type surge protectors

These series products are mainly used for Type 1+Type 2 protection of power distribution systems (10/350µs) and are used to protect electrical and electronic equipment from the damage of lightning electromagnetic pulse induced voltage, operating transients, and resonance (<100µs) overvoltage. Type 1 and type 2 surge protection device (spd) is widely used in power supply protection in communication equipment, electrical, electrical appliances, power equipment, CCTV, transportation, industrial control, aviation, and other fields. This series of products has the characteristics of fast response time, low residual pressure, timely tripping, etc., and the flame retardant level is V-0, which can prevent fire and play a role in safety protection.


Feature of Type 1+2 AC Power SPD Series Products

  • DIN rail mounting for easy installation

  • Plug connectors for quick and easy connection or rewiring

  • Up-to 100kA impulse lightening test current protection 

  • Switch type technology

  • LED based visual indication for device health.

  • Remote fault indication (optional)

  • Remote alarm function (optional)

  • IEC61643-11 compliant

Application of Type 1 and 2 AC Power SPD Series Products

  • Class B+C/Type 1+2 Surge Protective Device for AC Power System.

  • Designed to protect low voltage distribution systems 

  • AC Power distribution box(cabinet), Switch power supply, 

  • Column head cabinet

  • Charging station/charging point

  • Sensitive electronic equipment

  • Telecom centers

  • Automatic control centers

  • Intelligent buildings, Industrial enterprises

  • IT, TT, TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S and other power supply system

Wiring Diagram of Surge Protection Type 1 and 2 Series Products

MA25/1+N, MA50/1+N


MA25/3+N  MA50/3+N 


MA25/3  MA50/3


Technical Parameters of MA25 Type 1 and Type 2 Surge Protection SPD

Lighning proection zone(LPZ)1-2
Standards Compliance IEC61643-11,  EN60950
ClassificationClass B+C/Type 1+Type 2
Nominal working voltage Un220-240V AC380-440V AC
Max continuous operating voltage UcL-N 275V,  N-PE 255V
Max discharge current  (10/350µs)   IimpL-N 25KA,  N-PE 100KA
Nominal discharge current InL-N 25KA,  N-PE 100KA
Max discharge current Imax (8/20µs)   ImaxL-N100KA, N-PE:150KA
Follow current interrupt rating     Ifi 25KArms/100Arms
Short-Circuit Current Rating       Isccr25KA
Temporary overvoltage (TOV)(L-N)    Ut440 V / 120 min. – withstand 
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) [N-PE)  Ut1200 V / 200 ms – withstand
Voltage protection level    8/20µs  Up≤1500V
Response time tA (L-N/N-PE)100ns
Protection modeL-PEL/N-PEL-N, N-PEL1/L2/L3,N-PEL1/L2/L3-N,N-PE
Housing materialPA66 UL94 V-0
Dimension91 (H)×18(W)×65(L)mm91(H)×36(W)×65(L)mm91 (H)×72(W)×65(L)mm
MountingDIN rail Mounting 35mm 
IP codeIP20
Working conditionsTemperature: -40 to 80℃, Relative humidity: ≤95%

Technical Parameters of MA50 Type 1 & 2 Surge Protection AC Power SPD

Lightning protection zone(LPZ)1-2
Standards ComplianceIEC61643-11,  EN60950
ClassificationClass B+C/Type 1+Type 2
Nominal working voltage Un220-240V/380-415V
Max continuous operating voltage UcL-N: 440V, N-PE: 255V
Lightning escape capacity (10/350µs) IimpL-N: 50KA, N-PE: 50kAL-N: 50KA, N-PE: 100kA
Max discharge current Imax (8/21µs)   ImaxL-N: 100KA, N-PE:100KL-N: 100KA, N-PE: 150KA
Follow current interrupt rating IfiL-N: 25KArms, N-PE: 100Arms
Short-Circuit Current Rating Isccr25KA
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) UttT = 120 minutes, ≥ 440 VAC
Protection level 6kV(1.2/50µs) Up≤1.4KV
Response time tA (L-N/N-PE)≤100NS
Protection modelL-N, N-PEL1/L2/L3-N, N-PE
Dimension90 (H)×36(W)×65(L)mm90 (H)×72(W)×65(L)mm
Mounting35mm DIN rail
Recommend cross-sectional areaL/N ≥16mm2, PE≥25mm2
IP codeIP20
Working conditionsTemperature: -40 to 80℃,
Relative humidity: ≤95%

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