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Which instruments and meters need to be equipped with lightning protection modules?

Which instruments and meters need to be equipped with lightning protection modules?

Instruments and meters often encounter unexpected voltage transients and surges during use, which can cause damage to electronic equipment. The cause of the damage is that the semiconductor devices in the instrument and meters, including diodes, transistors, thyristors and integrated circuits, are subject to lightning. Burned or broken down.


Lightning protection for precision instruments


According to statistics, 75% of instrument failures are caused by transients and surges. Voltage transients and surges are everywhere. Power grids, lightning strikes, blasting, and even people walking on the carpet will generate tens of thousands of volts of electrostatic induction voltage. These are the invisible deadly killers of instruments. Therefore, instruments and meters generally need to be equipped with lightning protection modules to avoid damage from lightning strikes.


MA25 Class 1 Surge Protector

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Which instruments and meters need to be equipped with lightning protection modules? Generally, the lightning current invades through the power line and signal line, so as long as the instrument and meter need to be connected to the power line or signal line, it needs to be equipped with a lightning protection module.


The protection of the power cord is generally implemented according to the lightning protection classification. The main power distribution is equipped with a first-level lightning protection module, the distribution power is equipped with a second-level lightning protection module, and the terminal is generally equipped with a lightning protection strip. The lightning protection of the signal line mainly depends on the signal type and the corresponding signal lightning protection device (RJ45 network port lightning protection device, 485 serial signal surge protector, etc.).

 D05J4-02 signal spd for CCTV.jpg

Techwin specializes in the production of surge protectors, surge protectors, intelligent lightning protection devices, and lightning arresters. As a manufacturer of lightning protection products, it provides lightning protection solutions with a 5-year product warranty and provides lightning protection technical consultation and long-term after-sales support services. Lightning protection products are widely used in various industries such as security, petrochemical, electric power, communications, transportation, and new energy.

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