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National Highway 343 and Jiguang Expressway Interchange Electromechanical Project

Project Background

National Highway 343 and Jiguang Expressway Interchange Electromechanical Project is located in the southwest of Zhouji Township, Shangqiu Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone, where National Highway 343 and Jiguang Expressway (G35) intersect. Due to the low design standards in the early stage, and the traffic volume increasing year by year, the traffic capacity of the original expressway can no longer meet the existing traffic demand. In order to strengthen the effective connection between arterial highways and urban roads, and further optimize the transportation organization layout of Shangqiu City, on February 1, 2018, the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation approved the addition of Shangzhou Expressway Gucheng West Station, Lizhuang Station, and Minzhu Road in Shangqiu City. Station and the entrance and exit of Zhouji Station of Jiguang Expressway.


It is reported that the entrance and exit of the new construction adopts a full interchange double-horn intercommunication type. The total length of the project ramp is 3328.898 meters, the length of the persuasion lane is 923.099 meters, the new bridge is 283.82 meters/2, the middle bridge is 81.91 meters/1, the access bridge is 29.2 meters/2, There are 5 passages, 2 culverts, and one toll station (with 5 in and 8 outs, including 2 in and 4 out of 6 ETC lanes).


This project is of great significance for Shangqiu to build a three-dimensional transportation system in the central city, to create an urban development strategy of large transportation, large logistics and large industries, to promote the economic development of Shangqiu New District, and to enhance the image of Shangqiu.


Project requirements

For the project supporting the construction of toll station management service facilities, the real-time monitoring system, speed measurement system, snapshot system, supplementary light system, and the power supply system are protected to prevent damage to the equipment caused by lightning strikes, resulting in failure of expressway monitoring, resulting in hidden dangers for safe travel and property loss.


Up to now, the entire project has been progressing smoothly, and the subgrade, toll station housing construction, and mechanical and electrical traffic safety projects have been completed.

The opening operation has created favorable conditions.


Solution application

In order to prevent the system equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes in thunderstorm weather and improve the safety and reliability of the equipment system, when designing the project, the design scheme adopts B-level surge protection M60B2, backup protector SCB60, B+C-level surge protector M100B+C, backup protector SCBI25 and power network two-in-one lightning arrester M10-24/D05J4, etc. Our brand Techwin surge protector has the advantages of large current, low residual voltage, fire and explosion protection, which enhances the lightning protection level of system equipment, thus bringing about the improvement of engineering lightning protection technology.


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