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View of beautiful waterfall in Maluan Mountain in autumn

       In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, under the organization of the Administration Department, We established "Techwin Outdoor Activities Team" mean to our employees to walk into nature and relax.

       The first stop of the Techwin Outdoor Activity Team, choose to hike and watch the waterfall in Maluan Mountain Country Park in autumn. Maluanshan Country Park is located in Pingshan District, Shenzhen. It is connected to Sanzhoutian Reservoir in Yantian District in the west, Kuiyong Town in the east, and Shenzhen East Gold Coast in the south. Most of the peaks in Maluan Mountain Country Park are below 500 meters above sea level, and there is the largest waterfall in Shenzhen. It is the first country park approved by the government in Shenzhen, and the first country park in Shenzhen to be planned and designed by professional gardens.

       Maluan Mountain has fresh air and high environmental quality. Adjacent to the big and siu mui sha in the south, the natural scenery is unique. In Maluan Mountain, you can see the sea, and enjoy the mirage on earth; can see the mountains, can enjoy the huge momentum of the mountains; can see the lake, and you can enjoy the tranquility and indifference of the lake;

Considerable villages and fields, enjoy the leisure and contentment of the paradise, there is a sparkling, extremely quiet Honghualing Reservoir at the foot of the mountain, strange rocks and rocks on the mountains, birds sing and flowers, thick forests and bamboos, and pastoral villages are intertwined, just like a paradise.

      Good memories stay in the mountains~

     Handmade trail

      During the mountaineering, the team not only enjoyed the beauty of waterfalls and mountains and forests. Also re-acquainted with the hand-made trail.

     The hand-made trail with a total length of 2 kilometers and a pavement width of approximately 1 meter. The home of soil, stones, flora, and fauna has been preserved. Give the land back to nature as much as possible.

As the difficulty of climbing increases, the physical energy consumption is relatively large. The teams cheer each other on, strengthen their confidence, and move forward all the way~

     The autumn waterfall viewing tour ended with a delicious dinner. This outdoor activity not only exercises the strength of our feet and heart and lungs but also allows us to sharpen our will and broaden our minds.

It is our challenge to nature, but also a challenge to ourselves.

Some friends said that mountain climbing relaxes the nervous mind and is a good rest.

Whisper, Techwin Outdoor Team is expected to have an outdoor activity once a month, looking forward to the next new journey.

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