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"Xunliang"--- China goverment managed security monitoring and control project/ CCTV

Project Background

The village "Xueliang Project" is one of the 10 new key livelihood projects in Hunan in 2021. The project construction goals and tasks are: to build 100,000 video surveillance cameras in the public parts of towns and villages across the province. The Jiangyong County Public Security Bureau has taken a series of powerful measures in accordance with the deployment requirements of the public security organs at all levels in Hunan Province, paid close attention to the promotion of the project construction, and completed the annual construction goals and tasks.

The "Xueliang Project" is a "mass public security prevention and control project" with the comprehensive management center as the command platform, the comprehensive management informatization as the support, the grid management as the basis, and the public safety video surveillance network application as the focus. According to the Central Comprehensive Management Office, the task of "carrying out the construction of the 'Xueliang Project' nationwide to achieve the goals of 'global coverage, network sharing, full-time availability, and full control' of public safety video surveillance construction and networking applications".


This project is a key livelihood and practical project of Jiangyong County Public Security Bureau in 2021. It focuses on key areas such as production and living bases, key stations, important road checkpoints, and dense personnel in Jiangyong County, Yongzhou City. After the project is completed, it will become the "eye-catching eye" for crime fighting, public security management, civil search and rescue, safety supervision, and crowd control, and will play an important role in safety production and comprehensive social management in Jiangyong County, Yongzhou City. Techwin is the the surge protection supplier in  "Xueliang Project". 


Project requirements


This project takes "safety, governance, and people-benefiting" as its construction goals, according to relevant policies and technical specifications, starting from the three dimensions of "public security prevention and control", "social management", and "serving people's livelihood". (Community) video surveillance, access control, personnel and vehicle bayonet, information bayonet, mobile patrol and other constructions are supported by comprehensive management informatization, based on grid management, and focused on the networking application of public safety video surveillance. For the network management of key public areas and key industries, a complete set of grass-roots three-dimensional public security prevention and control systems will be constructed to provide more comprehensive security guarantees.


Solution application


The "Xueliang Project" is an important part of the governance system and governance capacity building for the implementation of the national "Rural Revitalization Strategy". Techwin Thunderbolt relies on urban construction and relies on its profound accumulation in the fields of surge protection technology, intelligent lightning protection monitoring system, and intelligent transmission technology over the years. This project is equipped with a special lightning protection box for public security, which can effectively solve the protection of power distribution system and monitoring system. The power supply, signal, monitoring and other equipment protection of the public security system ensures the normal operation of the security equipment in harsh environments.


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