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The Difference of Voltage Switching SPD and Voltage Limiting SPD

Voltage switching SPDs are designed to switch between two states, an "off" state and an "on" state, based on the voltage level. When the voltage level is below a certain threshold, the SPD is in the "off" state and allows the normal electrical current to pass through. When the voltage level exceeds the threshold, the SPD switches to the "on" state and shunts the excess voltage to ground, thereby protecting the connected equipment. The main function of voltage switching SPDs is to divert the surge to ground and to protect the equipment from overvoltage.

Voltage limiting SPDs, on the other hand, are designed to limit the amount of voltage that reaches the connected equipment. These SPDs clamp the voltage to a safe level and then dissipate the surge energy to ground. Voltage limiting SPDs are commonly used to protect sensitive electronic equipment that may be damaged by even a small voltage surge. It is recommended to install lightning surge protection devices in areas that are frequently struck by lightning or where sensitive electronic equipment is located.

In summary, voltage switching SPDs switch between an "off" state and an "on" state to divert the surge to ground, while voltage limiting SPDs manufactured by the surge protection devices manufacturer clamp the voltage to a safe level and dissipate the surge energy to ground. The choice of which type of SPD to use depends on the specific equipment being protected and the level of protection required.

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