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Factors Affecting the Price of the Lighthning Surge Protector

Due to different levels of protection, performance and parameters, each lightning protection power protector manufacturers' products have different levels of research and development costs, input raw materials and manufacturing processes. Lightning protection power protector price will be different. Usually a lightning protection power protector price must be higher than the price of the second lightning protection power protector. Many factors affect the price of lightning protection power protectors, which is mainly about the following 2 points.

1. The raw materials and process quality of the power protector affect the price

The raw material of lightning surge protector and production processes are different, it will create a different quality of lightning protection power protector. For example, as to the main components of the lightning protection power supply protector varistors in the market, there are many different brands. The price varies from a few cents to tens of dollars, a great difference, of course and the quality is not the same. At the same time, the lightning protection power supply protector manufacturing process is also very different. Some use the glue filling process, some direct epoxy resin encapsulation. Its sealing is different, and there are great differences in conductive thermal conductivity, resulting in differences in quality. Different manufacturers out of a level of lightning protection power protector prices vary greatly, from a few dozen dollars to several hundred dollars.

2. Power protector's place of production affects the price

Lightning protection market in Europe and the United States brand of a level of lightning protection power protector prices are generally much higher than the Chinese level of lightning protection power protector prices, generally in the 3-5 times more. With the development of the Chinese market, the increase in production plants, so that the cost of the product has been significantly reduced.

When choosing the lightning surge protector, the price is just one criterion. A lightning protection power protector is to protect against direct lightning, which is the lightning "national defense gate". So its status is important! If a lightning protection power protector chooses inferior cheap products, the following lightning protection measures will not help.

Shenzhen Techwin Lightning Technologies, as a domestic lightning protection power protection brand manufacturers, has product quality meeting the international brand. The products are cost-effective and have passed through the TUV, UL, CE, RoHS, FCC, CQC, IEC91643 and other international certification. We can provide professional laboratory test reports and is an important project of choice products. You are welcome to online understanding and consultation of our products.

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