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Guangzhou City Rail Transit Line 18 Project Video surveillance system equipment procurement project

Project Background

At 14:00 on September 28, 021, the first section of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 officially opened for trial operation. Line 18 connects the two major hubs of Guangzhou East and Nansha. It is currently one of the fastest subways lines in China, with the highest train speed. As the first urban express line in Guangzhou, with a high degree of intelligence and a sense of design, it not only realizes the fully digital and intelligent management and operation of the entire line, it is also the first line-network-level application in the country. The subway line of the intelligent customer service system has an unattended intelligent customer service center at all stations on the whole line to realize the self-service and intelligentization of station services.


Project requirements

Traffic operation projects with concentrated high-tech control systems are sensitive to the impact of lightning activities, and lightning strikes on subways worldwide occur from time to time. Lightning protection is becoming an increasingly important issue for modern urban construction and transportation. The design of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 fully takes into account the lightning protection safety of subway equipment and lines and must provide citizens with a safe transportation environment.


Solution application

Lightning protection for subway weak current mainly involves power  supply system, information center system, video surveillance system, etc., and has high requirements for the quality and service of lightning protection equipment. For this project, Shenzhen Techwin provided Class B surge protector M60B3+N, Class C surge protector M40B1+N, DC power supply lightning protection device M10-24, control signal lightning protection device D12Y2, network signal lightning protection D05J4 and power network two-in-one lightning protection device M10-220/D05J4 and 1/4 Wavelength antenna-fed lightning protection device R22NF-1/4, etc. The surge protector of the Shenzhen Techwin brand effectively protects each system and provides a reliable guarantee for the stable operation of Guangzhou Metro Line 18.




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