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What Is a Surge Circuit Breaker?

Surge Circuit Breaker, also known as SCB, is a new type of product used to replace traditional dedicated circuit breakers or fuses. It is specially designed for surge current protection, addressing the mismatch issues between surge protective devices and traditional circuit breakers.


Why Choose SCB - Surge Circuit Breaker?

The traditional approach places a fuse or circuit breaker in series before the lightning protection device, but this method has several mismatch issues:

When the performance of the lightning protector degrades or overvoltage occurs, it cannot break the circuit quickly

When the lightning protector short circuits to the ground, traditional fuses or circuit breakers cannot break the circuit quickly, which may lead to the failure of the lightning protector.

When lightning occurs, fuses or circuit breakers cannot withstand lightning currents

Traditional distribution elements like fuses are designed for conventional circuits and are not suitable for high-energy lightning currents, which can lead to tripping or damage.

High Up values cannot effectively protect equipment

Traditional circuit breakers cannot provide good protection for high Up (voltage rise) values.

Inability to break quickly, leading to equipment damage

Traditional circuit breakers installed in transformer power supplies cannot break quickly during short circuits, which may lead to equipment damage.

SCB as a new type of surge protection device can effectively solve the above problems, making it particularly suitable for modern electrical equipment environments demanding higher surge protection.

Where to Install Surge Circuit Breaker?

Installing the Surge Circuit Breaker before the SPD can solve several key issues:

When the performance of the lightning protector degrades or the distribution line experiences overvoltage, SCB can break quickly to prevent the lightning protector from catching fire, with a breaking current of less than 3A.

When lightning current passes through, the SCB connected in series before the SPD can remain stable under lightning currents up to 100kA, ensuring the SPD works normally.

SCB’s breaking capacity far exceeds traditional fuses, reaching up to 100kA, effectively reducing the harm caused by surges in the circuit.

Working Principle of Surge Circuit Breaker

Surge Circuit Breaker is an external isolation switch dedicated for SPD, developed according to IEC430.3-61643-4 section 43. Its main role is to take appropriate overcurrent protection measures before circuit danger occurs. It can respond quickly to ensure the circuit is cut off promptly during surges or overvoltages, avoiding equipment damage or fire accidents, solving the protection blind spot problem of currently widely used fuses and circuit breakers as external isolation switches.

Applications of Surge Circuit Breaker

Surge Circuit Breaker is particularly suitable for environments requiring high-efficiency, reliable surge protection, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial and residential buildings

  • Power equipment

  • Communication facilities

  • Road traffic systems

  • Petrochemical industry

SCB is an ideal supporting device for SPD, ensuring the safe operation of electronic equipment in the face of surges or lightning, effectively extending the life of the equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

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