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What is type 2 surge protection?

Type 2 surge protection is a type of device designed to protect electrical equipment from transient overvoltage caused by lightning strikes, power surges, or other electrical disturbances in the power grid.

Type 2 surge protection devices are installed at the main distribution panel or sub-panel of a building's electrical system, providing protection for all connected devices downstream. These devices typically have a voltage rating of 600 volts or less, and are designed to handle the most common types of power surges that occur within a building's electrical system.

Type 2 surge protectors work by diverting excess voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment, and directing it safely to ground. They are designed to respond quickly to voltage spikes, typically within a few nanoseconds, and can withstand multiple surges over their lifetime.

Type 2 surge protection devices are commonly used in commercial and residential settings, and are an important part of any comprehensive surge protection strategy.

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