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What Are the Lightning Protection Systems Included in the Security Industry?

To know what lightning protection systems are available in the security industry, we must first understand the development and changes of the security industry. From the emphasis on "no AI, no security" in 2018 to a focus on implementation in 2019, we have noticed that not only is artificial intelligence entering the security industry, but security companies are also radiating to other markets with their unique expertise.


1. Precautions for Monitoring Lightning Protection Systems

When it comes to grounding for security monitoring systems, there are generally three considerations: safety, anti-interference, and lightning protection. There are many measures related to lightning protection in the security industry, but some concepts are not accurate or even incorrect, making it difficult to choose when referencing them for engineering design.

(1) Protection against direct lightning strikes. The outdoor cameras and poles of security systems should be placed within the effective protection range of a separate lightning rod and as far away from it as possible. The cameras should not be installed on the lightning rod, the pole of the camera should not be designed as a lightning rod, the camera should be insulated from the pole, and never grounded.

(2) The front-end camera of a security lightning protection system must be insulated from the ground. Lightning arresters should be used to prevent induced lightning, but some lightning arresters have a grounding point. However, the front-end video signal ground (camera casing, BNC casing, video wire shield) cannot be grounded. The video signal ground must always be insulated from the ground. However, there may still be problems with "transient multi-point grounding" to consider.

(3) Whether considering lightning protection, anti-interference, or anti-static measures, front-end systems of security systems should never be directly grounded; that is, there should be no "ground loop" in the system. The grounding design principle for security systems is "single-point grounding": the mainframe of the system should be grounded, which is not only secure grounding but also used to discharge static electricity from the system.

(4) Cameras of the system must also be insulated from steel-structured buildings, metal ceilings, wire troughs, elevator cars, and other metal surfaces.


2. Contents of Security Lightning Protection Systems

The lightning protection systems used in the security industry are closely related to industry trends, which currently include smart transportation, smart access control, smart elderly care, and public security big data, to name a few. For example, the Ministry of Communications plans to invest 2.7 trillion yuan in the construction of intelligent transportation systems.

Overall, security lightning protection systems include parking lot lightning protection, visual intercom lightning protection, perimeter alarm lightning protection, access control lightning protection, background music lightning protection, smart transportation lightning protection, security monitoring lightning protection, and more.

As a lightning protection solution service provider, Shenzhen Tiandun provides a range of services, including lightning protection scheme design, lightning arrester supply and installation testing, and customized solutions based on customer needs. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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