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The Position of Installing Surge Protector

1. Where to install surge protector?

The position of the surge protector: the surge protector is an important component of the lightning protection project in a building, so the location of the surge protector is very important for the entire lightning protection project. The determination of the installation location of the surge protector against lightning needs to involve a lot of things. Next, Techwin will analyze the determination of the installation location of the surge protector.

Level configuration ininstalling surge protection device: incorrect level configuration often results in waste or even failure of the surge protector against lightning. Key points and principles of level configuration: first, it should be set at the junction of any two lightning protection zones, and then whether the power line in the same lightning protection zone is too long and whether it is needed to add another level in this zone should be considered.

2. Install surge protectors on power ports of important equipment

A low-voltage surge protector should be configured on the low-voltage side of the transformer supplying power to the building. If the distance between the transformer and the main distribution cabinet is less than 20m, this surge protector can be combined with the first-level surge protector inside the building. Low-voltage side surge protectors require a decentralized multi-stage configuration. The first-level protection is installed between the LPZ0 and LPZ1 areas of the lightning strike area and is installed in front of the distribution box of the main power incoming line. The maximum discharge current is 80KA (10/350μs), and the action time is less than 100ns. Its main function is to release the energy of direct lightning strikes. In terms of the second level of protection, between zone 0 and zone 1 of the lightning strike area, the spd for lightning protection is installed in front of the UPS or distribution box. The maximum discharge current is 40KA (8/20μs), and the action time is less than 25ns. Its main function is to limit the voltage amplitude of the induced overvoltage.

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