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Surge Protector Charging point/ charging pile

Lightning surge protection for Charging Station

The global energy crisis brought about by traditional cars is deepening, resulting in the depletion of petroleum energy. Not only that, the air pollution caused by traditional automobile exhaust emissions poses a threat to the global climate. Various countries and automobile manufacturers have realized that energy conservation and emission reduction are the development direction of the future automobile field, and electric vehicles are the inevitable development of future automobiles. In the global environment that promotes environmental protection, electric vehicles are increasingly recognized and loved by consumers. As the power source of electric vehicles, power batteries have limited mileage on one-time charging, and charging point /charging stations have emerged as the times require.

At present, a large number of domestic charging point /charging stations are being arranged, and it is urgent to do a good job of lightning protection of charging point /charging stations. In practical applications, most charging point /charging stations are located outdoors or in-car charging stations, and outdoor power supply lines are vulnerable to the impact of induced lightning. Once the charging point /charging station is struck by lightning, the charging point /charging station cannot be used. If the car is charging, the consequences may be more serious and the subsequent maintenance will be troublesome. Therefore, lightning protection of charging points/charging stations is necessary.

According to the needs of new energy charging point /charging stations, Techwin proposed a comprehensive lightning surge protection solution:

Lightning protection measures for the power supply system

  1. AC charging point /charging station, equipped with Imax≧40kA (8/20μs) AC power type 2(Class C) lightning protection device on both sides of the output end of the AC power distribution cabinet and the charging point /charging station. Such as Techwin M40B4.

  2. For DC charging point /charging stations, type 2(class C) lightning protection devices with Imax≧40kA (8/20μs) DC power supply are respectively arranged at the output end of the DC distribution cabinet and on both sides of the DC charging point /charging station. Such as Techwin M40-400.

  3. At the input end of the AC/DC power distribution cabinet, configure an AC power secondary lightning protection device with Imax≧60kA (8/20μs). Such as Techwin M60B4.

Data collection, security monitoring, and lightning protection measures

  1. Most of the data collection of charging point /charging stations uses network signal transmission, and network signal lightning protection devices should be configured. Such as Techwin D05J4.

  2. The security monitoring equipment of the charging point /charging station should be equipped with a two-in-one lightning protection device for the network camera dedicated power supply. Such as Techwin M10-220/D05J4.

Charging Station

Charging Station

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