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The IEC standards of SPD

IEC standards refer to the International Electrotechnical Commission standards, which are globally recognized and accepted guidelines for electrical and electronic devices. Spd stands for Surge Protective Device, which is a device used to protect electrical equipment from voltage surges or transient voltage events. The IEC has developed several standards for SPDs, which outline the requirements and testing procedures for these devices.

Some of the key IEC standards for SPDs include:

1. IEC 61643-11: This standard specifies the requirements and tests for SPDs connected to low-voltage power distribution systems with rated voltages up to 1,000 V AC or 1,500 V DC.

2. IEC 61643-21: This standard provides the requirements and tests for SPDs used in photovoltaic systems (solar power systems), specifically addressing the protection of DC circuits.

3. IEC 61643-31: This standard focuses on SPDs intended for use in information technology equipment (ITE) like computers, servers, and network equipment, addressing both AC and DC circuits.

4. IEC 62305-4: This standard deals with the protection of structures against lightning. It outlines the requirements for SPDs used in external lightning protection systems for buildings and structures.

These standards cover various aspects of SPDs, including performance, classification, coordination, and installation requirements. They ensure that SPDs meet certain quality and safety standards, providing adequate protection against electrical surges. Compliance with these standards is important to ensure the reliability and safety of electrical and electronic systems.

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