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Lightning Protection of Kunming Expressway ETC Standardized Lane Reconstruction Project

With the popularization of electronic information technology, highway ETC construction is in full swing. ETC has undoubtedly shortened the travel time of vehicles, reduced manpower allocation, and improved work efficiency. However, ETC uses a large number of integrated circuit equipment. It is easy to be damaged and the failure rate is increased, so ETC lightning protection must be done well.

In the lightning protection of Kunming Expressway ETC standardized lane reconstruction project, in addition to the outer lightning arrester, there is also inner surge protection. The power lightning protection device and signal lightning protection device provided by Techwin are to prevent lightning damages from passing through lightning electromagnetic pulses. 

First of all, a primary/type 1 lightning protection device (M100B+C/3+N) is installed in the general power distribution of the control center of the entire highway section, and a secondary lightning protection device (M40B4)/ type 2 is installed in the distribution power cabinet.



Secondly, each section of high speed is equipped with ETC gantry, involving the type 1 surge protector (M100B+C/3+N) of the power supply cabinet, and the 2 in 1 surge protection device (power supply and network) of the surveillance camera (M10-220/D05J4.)

Third, the high-speed toll station ETC lane camera lightning protection, select the 2 in 1 power supply network surge protector. (M10-220/D05J4).


The entire project was successfully completed and provided the lightning type test test report was from the authoritative organization. Our services and products have been highly praised by customers.

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