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Installation Steps of The Surge Protection Device

Ⅰ. Tools of installing a surge protection device

Before installing the surge protection device, tools such as a flat-blade screwdriver, a pair of wire strippers, some pliers and electrical tape are needed. In addition, a battery-powered flashlight or lamp is also required for lighting. This is because the power supply will be cut off during the installation process.

Ⅱ. Steps of installing surge protection device

It is well known that the surge protection device can efficiently and safely protect household appliances. However, many users know little about how to install the surge protection device safely. The following are the detailed installation instructions of the surge protection device.

1. Preparing a main circuit breaker panel

2. Installing a surge protection device

3. Connecting the lines

4. Reassembling the panel

5. Confirming the installation operation

Ⅲ. To check the installation of surge protection device

After the industrial surge protection device is installed, it is necessary to check the user manual to verify whether it can operate normally for protection. If the surge protection device does not light up, you should turn off the power and recheck whether the installation steps are correct.

It is worth mentioning that the capacity of the surge protection device is limited. The protection function will decrease accordingly when its voltage surges. In real life, the continuously increasing voltage will slowly wear out the surge protection device over a period of time. Therefore, users have to regularly check the surge protection device to ensure that its protection function is still working normally.

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