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How Should Surge Protection Device and SCB Be Used Together

Surge protection device is one of the most important devices in modern buildings, and they should be applied conjunction with fuses, circuit breakers, SCB, and other overcurrent protection devices to ensure that lines and equipment are kept safe. So, how should surge protection devices and SCB work together?


Ⅰ. Main function of surge protection device and SCB

If the surge protection device is unable to withstand lightning currents exceeding its with stand capacity, or if the grid fault overvoltage or other circumstances result in a surge protection device short-circuit fault, the SCB must be removed from the line to ensure the safety of the line and the equipment, which is the main function of the SCB.


Ⅱ. Requirements for surge protection device and the SCB setup

SCB and lightning surge protection device must be used in conjunction with each other and must meet the requisite parameters.


1. Matches the discharge current of the surge protector and does not operate when a surge (surge) occurs in the line.

2. In the event of a surge protection device short-circuit, prompt and reliable action is required, as well as the safe removal of the surge protection device from the line.


3. The overcurrent protection device in the main line is compatible with the SCB put at the front of the surge protection device.


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