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The Difference Between Surge Protector and Air Switch

Air switches and surge protectors are usually installed in the distribution box of a building, so what is the difference between them? Tiandun Thunderbolt will do a detailed analysis for you.

Ⅰ. Surge protector and air switch

Surge protector (SPD), also known as "surge protector" and "surge arrester", is to limit the surge caused by strong transient overvoltage in electrical circuits and communication lines, thereby protecting the equipment. Its working principle is that when there is an instantaneous overvoltage or overcurrent in the line, the surge protector will turn on quickly and discharge the surge in the line into the ground.

The air switch is also called a circuit breaker. When the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current, it will automatically disconnect and protect the circuit or electrical equipment from short-circuit and overload. For example, lighting, pump room and other power sources can be controlled by air switches. Its working principle is that when the current through the switch exceeds a certain current, the metal sheet will be bent due to heating, the switch will trip, and the power supply will be cut off to protect the equipment in the circuit from being damaged by excessive current.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of surge protectors

1. The protection flow is large, the residual pressure is extremely low, and the response time is fast;

2. Adopt the latest arc extinguishing technology to completely avoid fire;

3. Using temperature control protection circuit, built-in thermal protection;

4. With power status indication, indicating the working status of the surge protector;

5. Rigorous structure, stable and reliable work.

Ⅲ. The difference between surge protector and air switch

1. The working principle is different

When the transient overvoltage in the line increases, the SPD machine surge protector will turn on in time to discharge the overvoltage on the line to the ground; while the surge circuit breaker will automatically disconnect when the current on the line exceeds the rated current to protect the Electrical equipment.

2. The protective effect is different

The surge protector is a device that protects the electrical equipment and communication equipment in the line from damage from the surge in the line, and the air switch protects the short circuit and overload in the line.

3. The scope of protection is different

The surge protector can not only protect the power supply, but also protect the equipment of the communication line; the air switch protects the electrical equipment.

To sum up, the working principle, protective effect and scope of SPD device protector surge protector and air switch are different. Under normal circumstances, these two types of products need to be installed at the same time to cooperate with each other to jointly protect the safety of power lines.

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