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The Importance of Installing Lightning Protection Devices

With the development of the society, urban construction continues to improve, the height of floors continues to increse.  As the urban and city layout changes, it will affect the existing magnetic field of this, these living spaces will be imperceptibly changed with the expansion of high buildings. As the the high -rise living spaces continue to increase, it will cause more frequent lightning activity. We especially need to pay attention to the lightning safety protection of various electrical equipment and network equipment in the high-rise buildings. Therefore, it will be a need for improving the lightning protection systems for buildings and structures as a method to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. In the article below, we will introduce the importance of lightning protection device installation to everyone.

1. The main forms of lightning damage are: direct lightning strike, indirect lighting strike, spherical thunder lightning, lightning induction and lightning invasion wave. A direct lightning strike refers to the thermal effect, electrical effect and mechanical force that appears when lightning directly strikes the buildings, the ground or lightning protection devices. A direct lightning strike has potential to wound or kill people and animals in an instant, in some cases, a direct lightning strike can cause the damage to electrical and electronic equipment when they are connected to the area affected by the direct lighting strike. Therefore it is extremely important to install a lightning protection device to protect your electrical and electronic equipment from lightning damage.

2. Spherical thunder lightning appears as a red or extremely bright white fireball resulting from a lightning event. It can intrude into the room through the doors, windows and chimneys, etc., it can cause great harm. Lightning induction is when the lightning discharges, the electromagnetic and electrostatic induction generated onto nearby conductors, it can cause sparks between metal parts and damage electronic electrical equipment, etc.

3. The term lightning invasion wave refers to the lightning effect on overhead lines or metal pipe, thunder and lightning wave can intrude into the room along the pipeline. Lightning invasion waves has the ability to damage electrical and electronic equipment and endanger personal safety.

4. The buildings and electrical equipment of our daily living and work are very fragile, there will be many unimaginable consequences if it is struck by lightning . Therefor the importance of installing lightning protection device is self-evident.

Techwin is an enterprises which is professionally engaged in all fields for lightning protection. Techwin is an advanced domestic manufacturer of making lightning safety protection devices as a core intelligent component of the internet of things (IOT), for the ecological domain and security defense solution. Techiwin is specialized in lightning protection engineering design, lightning protection engineering construction, the research and development of lightning protection detection and lightning protection device system for the third party applications. To date, Techwan has more than 1000 different models to meet the lightning protection requirements from various industries. All or their products adopt high quality components , advanced technology and are guaranteed for 5 years. The business principle and eternal goals of Techwin is to win the trust from their the customers by supplying high quality products and good services. Techwin is working towards the goal of "Making the best lightning protection products for customers". Customers are warmly welcome to consult with us anytime online to discuss how Techwin's lightning protection products can meet your requirements.

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