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Smart Integrated Lightning Protective Box

Smart Integrated Lightning Protective Box

The intelligent transmission monitoring box series products are designed in accordance with IEC61643-21, EN61643-11:2012, NB/T42150, and IEEE802.3 to meet the needs of big data in the fields of building smart cities, smart transportation, rail transit, safe cities, public security video surveillance, etc. Information management needs, self-developed and customizable intelligent transmission monitoring communication products. The product meets the various functional requirements of the original communication box, combines the characteristics of the safe city monitoring platform, and the demand for future information management and control, and adds the Internet of Things communication technology. This box adopts intuitive and visual modular layout and system lightning protection design, complete network management function, and intuitive status indication; to ensure the timeliness, reliability, continuity, and intelligence of the entire system, saving a lot of manpower and economic costs, It is the preferred product in the monitoring field at home and abroad.

Feature of Smart Integrated Lightning Protective Box

Adopt high-strength cold-rolled steel plate with integral galvanized and plastic sprayed.

  • Support installation methods such as pole-mounted and wall-mounted.

  • The cabinet is equipped with intelligent controllable fans.

  • Automatically turn on the lighting when out of the box.

  • The box has a built-in 4-port optical fiber fusion splicing unit.

  • Intelligent dust removal.

  • Intelligently judge the status of mains power failure, network disconnection, and tripping.

  • Power lightning protection device failure detection, lightning strike intensity real-time detection of the magnitude, number, and time of lightning strike intensity.

  • Tilt alarm.

  • Water leakage detection.

  • The cabinet is equipped with an air switch, an automatic mechanical closing circuit breaker, and a power supply lightning protection module.

  • Intelligently judge the working status of optical ports and network ports.

  • Equipment failure information supports reporting methods such as SMS dispatch, sound alarm, and pop-up windows.

  • Configure a variety of controllable power output modules, output AC220V, DC12V, optional DC24V, AC24V, etc.

  • Configure the ground flashback isolation suppression module.

Specification of Smart Integrated Lightning Protective Box

automatic reclosing switch

Rated voltage16A
residual operating current30mA
Rated frquency50HZ
Lightning protection for AC power supply
Max discharging current(8/20us) Imax80KA
Norminal working voltage (Un)220VAC
Max continuous operating voltage  Uc385VAC
Response time<25ns
Lightning protection for DC power supply
Max discharging current(8/20us) Imax5KA
Lightning protection for electrical port
Max discharging current(8/20us) Imax5KA
fibre optical port
Fibre optical port typeFC/SC
Working waveT1310/R1550
Photoelectric transmission distance40KM
Qty of fibre optical port1
Fiber fusion splicing unit4
Network electrical port
Qty of electrical port1-8(option)
duplex typeSupport both full and half duplex
Connection typecross 、direction and adaptive connection
Communication protocol standardIEEE802.3 10BASE-T、IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX、IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-TIEEE802.3x Flow Control、IEEE802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX,IEEE802.3u 100BASE-FX
Optical transmission distance100M
Controllable power output
Controllable power(96W)output portDC 12V  ( 1-8 DC power port)

DC 24V ( 1-8 DC power port)
AC220V controllable output1 port
Environmental monitoring in the box
head lampAuto LED light when the box is opened
Temperature controlled fanTwo sets of fan control
Temperature in the boxTemperature monitoring and alarm in the box
Humidity in the boxHumidity monitoring and alarm in the box
Water leaks in the boxWater leakage monitoring and alarm in the box
Lightning strike countCounting threshold:1KA
Ground detectionLightning protection grounding abnormal monitoring and alarm
Lightning protection module failure monitoringLightning protection module failure monitoring and alarm
Remote monitoring control platformPlatform management
Other parameters
Dimension of body520*380*220(customized)
InstallationDefault hoop installation(Flange installation can be customzied)
Input powerAC100V-AC240V
Other configuration (optional)
Leakage current monitoring of lightning protection moduleLeakage current monitoring and alarm of lightning protection module
Noise monitoringEnvironmental noise monitoring and alarm outside the box
Door electromagnetic lockAnti-theft and prevent abnormal opening
Dust removal fanIntelligent dust removal from the fan at the bottom of the box
Spare battery24V battery can provide control and transmission of box monitoring data when the power is off
Gas concentrationCombustible gas concentration monitoring and alarm
Outside temperature1 port
AC220V power output1-4 port
AC power Max discharging current(8/20us) Imax120KA
Ground isolation suppressorCounterattack split ratio<5%

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