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Surge arrester application in Telecommunication

SPD Telecom          SPD Telecom

The communications industry now is a top priority. Designed for receiving/transmitting a system of RF, avoiding destruction result from lightning over-voltage, induced over-voltage, and static discharge, mainly including satellite aerial, microwave, mobile communication, intercommunication system, radar antenna, etc.

Antenna protector series categories:

  1. Gas discharge tube surge protector

  2. File RF protector

  3. Quarter-wave stub RF protector

The importance of surge protector (SPD in Telecom) with coaxial protection

In the information age, computer networks and communication equipment are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the requirements of their spd telecom and working environment are getting higher and higher. the instantaneous overvoltages of lightning and large electrical equipment will more and more frequently invade indoor electrical equipment and network equipment through power supplies, antennas, radio signal transceivers, and other lines, resulting in damage to equipment or components, casualties, and interference or loss of data transmitted or stored. It even causes misoperation or temporary paralysis of electronic equipment, system standstill, interruption of data transmission, and destruction of local area network and even wide area network. Spd telecom is particularly important in this case. Its harm is shocking, and the indirect loss is generally far greater than the direct economic loss. TV Antenna surge protector and an n-type surge protector is a device that protects against being struck by lightning through modern electricity and other technologies.

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