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SPD in Wind power systems

PV solar and wind power surge protection

Wind Turbine Sytem SPD Solution

The Wind generator cabinet inside with a large number of electrical and electronic equipment, such as: switch cabinets, motors, driving devices, inverters, sensors, and corresponding bus systems. These devices are concentrated in a small area, and power surges will cause serious damage to the wind turbine unit. It is very important to ensure the normal operation of these electrical devices. Overvoltage caused by lightning current coupling or switching operations will cause serious damage to these devices and cause the entire wind turbine to stop. Therefore, the lightning and overvoltage protection of the wind turbine is very important.

According to the needs of wind power lightning protection, Shenzhen Techwin proposed a comprehensive lightning protection solution:

Lightning protection measures for the power supply system

Install special SPD for wind power equipment. The surge protection inside the wind power system can be divided into navigation lights and environmental monitoring sensors, measurement system and automatic control system power protection, generator rotor and stator protection, hub protection (including power protection and bus protection), inverter protection, switch Cabinet and control cabinet protection, main power supply connection lightning and surge protection. Such as the Shenzhen Techwin model M40B, M10-24, M100W-690, and other series.

Lightning protection measures for signal systems

Special signal SPD is installed for wind power signal system equipment, such as Shenzhen Techwin model M10-24.

Lightning protection measures for grounding system

The grounding system built for wind power, the LT1500-3000 ground flashback protection device, makes the grounding resistance of the ground grid meet the design requirements.

Wind And Solar Power

Wind And Solar Power

Wind And Solar Power

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