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Techwin Helps The Safe Operation Of The Shenzhen Universidad Monitoring System

A few days ago, the 12-day Shenzhen Universidad came to an end. The current Universidad has set up 24 competition projects, which is the most in the past. The Universidad will have strict requirements on the monitoring system. In order to ensure that the monitoring system operates around the clock, the effect of lightning protection has become a key factor. With its brand and quality advantages, Techwin has selected the monitoring series of lightning protection products for the Universidad.

Techwin helps the safe operation of the Shenzhen Universidad monitoring system

Techwin helps the safe operation of the Shenzhen Universidad monitoring system

Shenzhen is a coastal city in the south of China, with a thunderstorm day of 73.9, which is a strong minefield. Meteorological experts suggest that outdoor events should pay attention to heatstroke prevention, lightning protection, and short-term strong rainfall. Relevant departments should strengthen food hygiene and safety management. In response to thunderstorms and high-temperature weather, the Universiade Meteorological Service Center will provide information services to the competition headquarters and outdoor competition venues in a timely manner through various channels such as on-site services, meteorological special reports, and prompting text messages.

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