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Lightning Protection Project of Guanglian Expressway

1. Background of the Project


Guanglian Expressway is a key construction project in Guangdong Province and Qingyuan City. It is jointly invested and constructed by CCCC Fourth Aviation Administration and China Consulting Group. County, Yingde City, Fogang County, and Qingcheng District. The southern end is connected to the Foqingcong Expressway in Aotou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou. The total length of the route is 213 kilometers. The two-way six-lane construction standard is designed with a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The total investment is about 120 kilometers per hour. 33 billion yuan. Together with the second corridor of the airport and its northern extension, the Guanglian Expressway will form a double line of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and a fast lane from Guangzhou to the north. By the end of 2021, the Guanglian Expressway will be completed and opened to traffic.

After the Guanglian Expressway is completed and opened to traffic, the journey time from Lianzhou to Guangzhou will be shortened from 3.5 hours to about 2 hours. At the same time, it will greatly improve the traffic problems in the northern part of Qingyuan, especially the minority areas, and promote Qingyuan to integrate into the Pearl River Delta one-hour economic life circle.

2. Project Requirements


The system of this project involves a large number of electrical and other electrical equipment. The safe operation of the equipment is very important, and lightning protection is also essential. These devices are scattered and concentrated on the expressway. The centralized places are like the familiar toll booths, service areas, monitoring centers, and distribution stations. Scattered places such as roadside weather stations, distribution boxes, network cameras, etc. These electronic devices have to experience different degrees of lightning disasters, and the electromechanical system equipment of the expressway itself is of various types and complex functions. Once struck by lightning, the serious damage can cause the system to be paralyzed, resulting in hidden dangers for safe travel and property losses.

3. Solution Application

With the continuous improvement of highway intelligence, a large number of electronic components with low withstand voltage, high sensitivity and high integration are applied to the field of high-speed electromechanical. fatal damage. Therefore, in order to prevent the damage of electrical and electronic equipment caused by lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage, and improve the safety and reliability of the equipment system, various SPD products are widely used.

Routinely used SPD lightning arresters are all qualified by the single-pulse model inspection, and the real lightning phenomenon is that one flash strikes multiple pulses, and the proportion of multiple pulses in natural lightning is as high as 70%. The resistance of the SPD that has passed the single-pulse model test in the real lightning strike is far from its nominal value, and it often causes the SPD to overheat, explode and catch fire, causing fire accidents.

Therefore, this scheme adopts Techwin customize product,multi-pulse surge protector TDMS40B4, 40KAT2-level surge protector, and backup protector SCB100, which has the advantages of anti-multi-pulse, large current, low residual voltage, fire and explosion protection, and greatly improves surge protection. The product's ability to protect against lightning, thus bringing about an improvement in the level of engineering lightning protection technology.

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