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2021 New design automatic circuit recloser/ Auto recloser

2021 New design automatic circuit recloser/ Auto recloser

TD-CHZ16 protector integrates intelligent control functions such as over-current and short-circuit protection, under-voltage/over-voltage protection, leakage protection, remote communication management/fault memory, detection before closing, and automatic reclosing device. The new generation TD-CHZ16 protector has the characteristics of intelligence, safety, wide application range, stability and long service life.

Functions of New Automatic Circuit Reclose

1. Short circuit protection:

When the current of the auto-reclosing leakage protector is greater than 3 times the rated current, the auto-reclosing leakage protector will be disconnected within 0.1 second to ensure the safety of the equipment.

2. Leakage Protection:

The leakage current of TD-CHZ16 factory setting is 30ma. When a 15~30mA leakage occurs on the wire, the automatic reclosing will be disconnected within 0.1 second.

3. Overcurrent/load protection:

TD-CHZ16 type protector realizes the rated current 6A-10A-16A adjustable, and the maximum support is 16A. When the current is greater than 1.15 times the rated current, the auto-reclosing will monitor the duration and magnitude of this current; if the duration exceeds 3 seconds or is greater than 3 times the rated current, The automatic reclosing leakage protection switch is disconnected for protection

4. Overvoltage protection:

When the supply voltage is higher than 275V±5V, the auto-reclosing will be disconnected. After the voltage drops back to normal, the auto-reclosing will automatically close and energize.

5. Undervoltage protection:

When the power supply voltage is lower than 150V±5V, the automatic reclosing  will be disconnected. After the voltage rises to normal, the automatic reclosing will automatically close, The power-on operation status is normal.

6. Detection before closing:

The automatic reclosing detects the line voltage before closing. When the power supply voltage is abnormal under-voltage or over-voltage, it will block the closing

and Alarm; if the fault is not eliminated, the switch cannot be closed and energized. When the fault is removed, the switch will automatically close and energize.

7. Auto reclosing characteristics: (adjustable)

When there is an instantaneous leakage or an instantaneous impact on the line, such as lightning, socket flashover, etc., and there may be danger, the automatic reclosing leakage protector will be disconnected immediately;

After the fault, if the line is safe, the auto-reclosing will automatically reclose and energize. The number of closing times is unlimited

8. Manual on-off performance

8.1. When the test button is pressed manually for leakage, the neutral wire and the live wire are disconnected correspondingly, and there is no output. After 60 seconds, it will automatically close, and the auto-reclosing protector will work normally.

8.2 After the power switch is manually turned off, the two relays are disconnected at the same time, and there is no output. The on-off action time is less than 0.1 second. Restart the switching power supply and output both at the same time.

Technical Parameter of Adjusted Auto Recloser



Feature                      The working current is 16A, the leakage current can be adjusted, built-in lightning protection module, the discharge current can reach 10KA

Working voltage Un

220V 50HZ

Max. continuous operating voltage Uc


Rated load current RLA


Overcurrent action current


The inert current of leakage

15 mA

Leakage action current (adjustable)

30 mA

Overvoltage operating voltage (factory adjustable)


Undervoltage operating voltage (factory adjustable)


Overcurrent disconnect action time


Short circuit disconnection operation time

≤0.1 s

Leakage disconnect action time

≤0.1 s

Overvoltage, undervoltage  

Disconnect time  


Load impedance that allows reset

10 Ω

Lightning resistance

10KA ()

Voltage detection before closing


Reclosing time(factory adjustable)

Specification and installation

60s/120s/300s/1800s/3600s-10 次

95mm*93mm*65mm, DIN-rail

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