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Power Supply Protection Devices of Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV) System

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV) play a critical role in enhancing building fire safety by ensuring smoke-free escape routes during a fire and providing residents with more time to escape. When installing and operating these systems, power supply protection devices are key, especially when dealing with electronic control components like automatic windows, fans, or sensors, which need protection against damage caused by power surges.

Role of Power Supply Protection Devices

Installing surge protection devices at the entrance of power supply lines that power the smoke and heat exhaust system is a crucial safety measure. Especially by installing Type 2 surge protectors, the system's power supply can be effectively protected, ensuring that the system operates normally during surge events.

Need for Power Supply Protection Devices for Sensors and Detectors

Smoke and heat detectors are core components of the SHEV system, responsible for detecting signs of fire and triggering the ventilation system to exhaust smoke. These detectors are typically integrated into the fire alarm system, coordinating the system’s operations through connections with the ventilation system.

Wind and rain sensors play a key role in preventing the false activation of ventilation outlets under harsh weather conditions. These detectors can sense strong winds and heavy rain, keeping the ventilation outlets closed to prevent water or other substances from entering indoors.


Signal Surge Protective Devices for Signal Transmission

To ensure the reliable operation of sensors and detectors, especially during power surges, it is recommended to install signal surge protective devices. These devices are specifically designed to protect signal transmission, ensuring that critical signals are received accurately and promptly at all times.

Function of Power Supply Protection Devices for Control Panels

Fire control panels are the central hub of the SHEV system, responsible for managing and coordinating the work of all components. It connects with smoke and heat detectors, fire alarm systems, and ventilation systems, ensuring the system can respond quickly and take necessary smoke and heat exhaust measures during a fire.

To ensure the system operates normally during power outages, fire control panels are usually equipped with emergency backup power, such as batteries. In this case, it is especially important to install additional DC surge protection devices to ensure the system always operates in the best condition.

Depending on the building's needs and fire safety regulations, the SHEV system can be chosen in different forms, such as roof lights, glass skylights, or side window forms of exhaust systems. The installation and maintenance of each system must strictly follow relevant standards and guidelines, such as DIN 18232 and VdS/CEA Guidelines 4020, with annual periodic maintenance recommended to ensure the system's reliability and efficiency.

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