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How Long is the Service Life of the Power Surge Protector SPD?

The internal components of the power surge protector SPD, such as gas discharge tubes, varistors, transient suppression diodes, etc., will have a certain impact on the performance when subjected to current shocks. cause performance degradation and deterioration.

1. Service life analysis of power surge protector

Components are affected by temperature, humidity, etc., and their performance will gradually decline, and there is a life limit. According to the standard: the service life of electronic components is often between 8-12 years. If it is operated close to the specification limit for a long time, its life may be greatly reduced.

For example, in outdoor high temperature and high humidity conditions, the expected service life of the power surge protector SPD, such as the outdoor ethernet surge protector, is 3-5 years. However, if the system voltage is close to the maximum continuous working voltage of the surge protector SPD, or the power frequency overvoltage occurs frequently in the system, the service life of the surge protector SPD will be shorter.

The power surge protector SPD should be replaced regularly according to the site conditions (number of thunderstorm days, temperature and humidity, quality of power supply voltage, etc.). If there are many thunderstorm days in the south, and it is used in outdoor places with harsh temperature and humidity environments, it is recommended to replace it in 3-5 years; if there are few thunderstorm days in the north, the temperature and humidity environment is good, and the power supply quality is better, it can be replaced. Use more than 5-8 years to replace. As for the surge protector SPD with status indication, if the indication surge protector SPD fails, it needs to be replaced immediately. In addition, the surge protector SPD can use special detection equipment (disconnection detection) to judge whether it is invalid, or install an online lightning monitoring system for real-time monitoring, and evaluate it according to the environment and lightning impact conditions.

2. How to judge the quality of power surge protector?

The power surge protector SPD is protected by discharging current to the ground, and it is not "one dozen, it will be broken". Unless the SPD is wrongly selected or the quality of the product itself is not good, a single lightning current shock The probability of causing damage to the surge protector SPD is extremely low. Therefore, investing in high-quality surge protection devices from a reliable SPD brand is essential.

The lightning arrester does not need special maintenance, just check regularly whether its connection is loose or not, and whether the working status indication is normal. When the fault indicator is red, it means that the components of the lightning arrester have been damaged, and the lightning protection effect has deteriorated, so it must be replaced immediately.

The power surge protector SPD is equipped with a tripping device. If the power surge protector SPD fails, it can be found directly through the indication window. The SPD tripping device of the surge protector is not to trip when it discharges the lightning current, but to prevent the fault current from continuing to flow through the SPD after the SPD has deteriorated and failed to cause the SPD fire. The fire risk of the signal surge protector SPD is small, so it is not required to set up a tripping device, and a special lightning protection device tester is often used for off-line detection. With the development of technology, the status indication function of signal surge protector SPD is becoming popular, and the status indication can also be used to judge whether it is good or bad.

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