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SPD for Windpower System

SPD for Windpower System

Wind power protection devices are mainly used to protect wind power system equipment, sensitive electric and electronic parts in turbine system from lightning strikes, widely applied in power line protection in wind power system's distribution box, and other AC distribution box. If you have an interest, contact our professional and well-known surge protector factory for more relevant information and other product details.

Feature of Wind Protection Devices

1. Own designed temperature control circuit-breaking technology and built-in overcurrent protection circuit to completely avoid fire danger.

2. Working state and failure state are clear and intuitive.

3. Kevin wiring is workable.

4. Convenient installation and simple maintenance. 

5. Remote alarm Status indicator

6. Exquisite workmanship, can work in hostile environments such as acid, alkali, dust, salt spray, and humidity for a long time.

Application of Wind Protection Devices

  • Applied to wind power protection system, Wind power generator.

  • Low voltage transformer box, Output of second power equipment, US and European box are applicable.

Technical Parameters of Wind Protection Devices

Lighning proection zone(LPZ)1-2
Standards Compliance IEC61643-11,  EN60950
ClassificationClass C/Type 2
Nominal working voltage Un690V750V690V750V690V750V
Max continuous operating voltage Uc720V820V720V820V720V820V
Nominal discharge current  (8/20µs)   In20KA20KA40KA40KA50KA50KA
Max discharge current Imax (8/20µs)   Imax40KA40KA80KA80KA100KA100KA
Protection level     Up≤3000V≤3200V≤3000V≤3200V≤3300V≤3300V
Response time tA (L-N/N-PE)25ns
Protection modelL1, L2, L3-PE/L1, L2, L3, N-PE
Dimension91 (H)×54(L)×68(W)mm91 (H)×108(L)×66(W)mm
MountingDIN rail Mounting 35mm 
Cross section of connection wireL/N wire ≥6mm2, PE wire ≥ 10mm2
IP codeIP20
Working conditionsTemperature: -40 to 80℃, Relative humidity: ≤95%

Wire Diagram of Wind Protection Devices



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