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What is the Residual Voltage of the Surge Protector?

What is the residual voltage of the surge protector? When the SPD device is selected and adapted, its various parameters will be comprehensively considered, and a comprehensive selection will be made. One of the parameters is the residual voltage of the surge protector, which refers to the voltage between its terminals when the lightning discharge current (8/20μs) flows through the surge protector against lightning. Today we will give a detailed introduction to the residual voltage of the surge protector.

1. The importance of determining the residual voltage of the surge protector

The specific requirements for the performance of the surge protector against lightning are different according to the specific application of the protected electrical and electronic equipment. The only constant is that the voltage protection level is higher than the limit voltage, and the limit voltage is higher than the residual voltage. Therefore, the test and calculation of the residual voltage of the surge protector are of great significance to determine its voltage protection level.

2. Calculation method of the residual voltage of the surge protector

Under different inrush currents, the residual voltage values are different. Sometimes due to the limitation of equipment and environment, it is difficult to test the residual voltage value if the required inrush current cannot be obtained.

Through many kinds of tests, it has been shown that the residual voltage of the zinc oxide varistor, an important component of the surge protector against lightning, is proportional to the magnitude of the inrush current and has a certain correlation when it is subjected to the inrush current. Therefore, the calculation method of the residual voltage of the surge protector is to estimate the residual voltage value under the corresponding high current through the lightning current impulse test, and the residual voltage value obtained under a small impulse current.

The residual voltage of the surge protector against lightning, such as cctv lightning surge protectors is an important reference value for determining the limit voltage and voltage protection level of the surge protector. It is the test data and an important parameter to determine the protection performance of the surge protector during the test. Usually, this parameter is not seen when the surge protector is selected and adapted. The parameters we can compare mainly include three-phase voltage values such as rated voltage, limit voltage, and maximum continuous operating voltage.

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