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Sichuan Electric Power: Techwin builds lightning defense system in substation

The structure of the digital substation automation system can be physically divided into two categories, intelligent primary equipment and networked secondary equipment; the logical structure can be divided into three levels, according to the definition of the draft IEC communication protocol, these called "process layer", "spacer layer" and "station control layer". The new digital substation is mainly composed of an all-digital and optical fiber signal acquisition system, digital relay protection and integrated automation system, digital video and environmental monitoring system.


The STATE GRID SICHUAN ELECTRIC COMPANY needs to know the on-site environment of the 500kV substation in the power grid in real-time. The monitoring system must operate normally in bad weather such as thunderstorms. Our company Techwin lightning protection device has become a supplier for Sichuan Province. The camera provides power supply and network line protection. With the widespread use of network cameras, Our product model M10-220 / D05J4 power and network  2 in 1 combination has become the best solution for surveillance systems. In recent years, it has been widely used in high-definition network camera protection for power and intelligent transportation.

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