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How Important is Installing Camera Signal Surge Protectors?

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1.Lightning Protection System to Prevent Lightning Strikes

The camera is connected to the monitoring center through the signal line of the transmission system. The signal line of the transmission system is laid in two ways: directly in the air and buried in the ground. Burying the signal line in the ground can have a certain lightning protection effect, but it is not 100% effective against lightning strikes. It is also necessary to install the signal line in a metal tube with a relatively large space, and install a grounding lightning protection device at the front end of the metal tube to effectively prevent lightning strikes. The signal line suspended in the air is most easily struck by direct lightning strikes and is also prone to induced lightning strikes. Therefore, we need to install a strong lightning protection system at the front end of the signal line and install a grounding lightning protection device at the support point of the signal line to maximize the limitation of the harm caused by lightning to the monitoring system.

The lightning protection of the monitoring center is the core of the entire monitoring system's lightning protection. Due to the lightning protection of the building and monitoring equipment involved in the monitoring center, only a comprehensive lightning protection method can effectively prevent lightning invasion. Buildings are equipped with lightning rods and lightning protection nets during construction, so we do not need to consider adding building lightning protection system devices, but we need to be careful not to place monitoring equipment by the window and preferably not on the top floor. Outdoor monitoring facilities are mainly connected to the monitoring center through the signal line, so a lightning arrester should be installed at the signal line access point to prevent induced lightning and a grounding lightning protection device should be installed to prevent direct lightning strikes. And all electronic equipment in the monitoring center is best protected by lightning protection grounding devices in order to protect the monitoring center's safety in all aspects.

2. The Importance of Installing a Camera Signal Lightning Protection System

With the advancement of Safe City and Snowy Project, the public safety of the whole society has been greatly improved. Criminal activities will be greatly reduced because the cameras scattered in cities or villages can capture your actions clearly. Installing camera signal lightning protectors also ensures the safety of these cameras.

Especially in robbery and injury cases during the rainy season, there are cameras at the scene of the crime, but they are surprisingly damaged by lightning, so no important evidence was captured. This has made it difficult for the perpetrators to be brought to justice and increased the grief of the victims. In fact, it is simple to protect cameras during the rainy season, just install a camera signal lightning protection system at the front end of the camera. This makes it less likely for the camera to be damaged by lightning strikes and helps bring criminals to justice.

The camera signal lightning protector of Shenzhen Tiandun is favored by many customers. In recent years, the Snowy Project in Tongzhou, Beijing, the Safe City in Longgang, Shenzhen, the Snowy Project in Wuhu, Anhui, and the Snowy Project in Wuhan have all adopted Tiandun's camera signal lightning protector to protect the cameras and enhance public safety.

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