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Surge Protector: Guardian of Thunderstorm Weather

During the high-frequency thunderstorm season, the unstable weather brings not only inconvenience to people's travel but also poses potential safety hazards. Lightning waves can be introduced within a range of hundreds of meters on both sides of outdoor power lines. Lightning within a 1.5-2.0 km radius around a building can cause electromagnetic pulses that damage electronic equipment without lightning protection measures.

Our homes, offices, and other buildings often contain sensitive electronic equipment that is vulnerable to transient overvoltage and electromagnetic interference from lightning, especially those with low operating voltages, weak insulation, and poor surge tolerance. Damage to electronic devices can cause failure, damage to power equipment and valuable hardware, and directly impact economic losses. The interruption of electronic equipment's normal operation can lead to negative impacts on society and indirect economic losses that are difficult to estimate.

To effectively prevent and reduce lightning surge overvoltage, reduce the potential harm of electronic equipment through the AC power supply system during a lightning attack, technology advancements have led to the widespread distribution of low-voltage power surge protectors products. Investing in quality surge protection devices from a reputable surge protection devices manufacturer is essential to ensure that your electronic equipment and systems remain safe and reliable over the long term.

1. Introduction to Spd Surge Protectors

Surge protectors, also known as lightning arresters are electronic devices that provide safe protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication circuits.

When there are sudden peak currents or voltages due to external interference in the power or communication lines, the surge protector can conduct and divide the waves in a very short time, thereby preventing surge damage to other devices in the circuit.


Suitable for AC power systems with a rated voltage of 230V-400V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz, it can protect against indirect and direct lightning, or other transient overvoltage surges. It is suitable for home residences, the service sector, and industrial areas that require surge protection. Ensuring that your home, office, or industrial space is equipped with reliable lightning surge protection devices is essential to prevent costly damages to electronic equipment and systems.

2. Basic Characteristics of Spd Surge Protectors

1) High protection current capacity, low residual voltage, and fast response time;

2) Adopts the latest arc-extinguishing technology to completely avoid fires;

3) Equipped with a temperature-controlled protection circuit and built-in thermal protection;

4) With a power status indicator to indicate the surge protector's working status;

5) The structure is rigorous and reliable in operation.

3. Applications of Spd Surge Protectors

SPD surge protectors are used to prevent low-voltage power from being affected by over-voltage interference. They are suitable for the main power supply, such as distribution rooms, distribution cabinets, and other important locations, providing lightning protection for the entire power supply. They are widely used in mobile base stations, microwave communication stations, telecommunications machine rooms, factories, civilian aviation, finance, securities, and other systems' primary power protection.

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