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Price and Brand of Lightning Arrester

A surge protector, also called as surge diverter, surge suppressor, or surge protection device (SPD), is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from induced lightning.

1. How about the surge protector price?

There are a wide range of surge protectors on the market, with an uneven quality and at various prices. However, the market price is still transparent by and large, which is closely linked with its quality and brand. So how much is a surge protector?

(1) The price of a surge protector mainly depends on its type. Generally, there are two types: power SPD and signal SPD. According to its capacity of lightning protection, a power SPD can be divided into class 1, class 2, and class 3. It can also be divided into monophase and three-phase power SPD. With higher protection capacity and technical requirements, SPD class 1 is more expansive than the other types.

(2) The signal SPD is mainly categorized by different signals. Antenna feeder SPD is another type of SPD.

(3) At last, each surge protector has its own model, and surge protector device price thus varies from one model to another. Besides, the price also depends on the order size. A discount is possible when the order is large enough.

2. Which brand of the surge protector is better?

As for the SPD brand, there is no denying that such brands as DEHN, Phoenix, and Schneider are good choices. These time-honored brands have earned an international reputation in terms of SPD production. But their products are also at a quite high price.

Based on Shenzhen, China, Techwin also boasts a long reputation. With a particular focus on R& D, we have produced quality surge protectors, some of which are on a par with that from internationally established brands. Besides, Techwin has a low price-performance ratio as our SPDs are both quality and affordable. To know more about our product models, please feel free to ask online!

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