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Techwin UL 1449 listed TVSS 100kA surge protection device(SPD) for AC power system

Techwin UL 1449 listed TVSS 100kA surge protection device(SPD) for AC power system

HM100F Series AC power supply SPD box is mainly applicable to three phase power distribution system to protect electrical equipment from the impact of lightning overvoltage, transient overvoltage lightning electromagnetic pulse induced voltage, transient operation and resonance(<100µs) over voltage. HM100F2N-H AC power supply SPD box is widely used in the areas of communicationdevice, electrical equipment, security, transportation, industrial control and aviation for power protection.

Feature of UL 1449 TVSS Surge Protector

  • UL 1449 4th Edition Listed

  • Thermal disconnect device

  • Heat turn-off technology

  • Temperature control to protect circuit.

  • Status indicators

  • Remote alarm contact, easy to remote control

  • Easy to install and simple for maintenance

  • Built with electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference(EMI/RFI) filtering sine wave tracking circuitry

  • International famous brand for core component with excellent performance.

Application of  UL 1449 TVSS Surge Protector

  • Type 2/3 Surge Protective Device for AC Power System.

  • Power distribution box(cabinet);AC cabinet;Column head cabinet;Charging station/charging point

  • Communication Base Station

  • Telecom centers

  • Automatic control centers

  • Intelligent buildings

  • Industrial enterprises

  • Medical institutes

  • IT,TT,TN-C,TN-S,TN-C-S and other power supply system.

Technical parameters of UL 1449 TVSS Surge Protector

Standards ComplianceUL 1449 4th Edition
SPD type23
Phase3Y    (4W+G)3Y     (3W+G)1      (2W+G)
The rated operating voltage  V220/127VAC,220 / 127VAC110V
The maximum continuous operating voltage McovL-L360V360V\
Voltage protetion Rating(VPR)L-L1500V1500V\
Nominal Discharge Current Rating     In20kA
Surge capacity per phase100KA
Short Circuit Current Rating Isccr65 kA65KA\
Response Time Ta25ns/100ns
Temperature & Humidity ratingTemperature: -20 to 80℃, (-4-176F)
Relative humidity: ≤95%
Mounting styleParallel  hardwire
Alarm TypeVisual& Remote signal
Connection terminal(Alarm) hardwire#26 AWG
Connection terminal(SPD) hardwire10 AWG for L/N ,       8 AWG for Grounding
Dimension(Inches)7.4*4.72*3.07 (L*W*H)5.91(7.48)*4.72*2.26 (L*W*H)
BOX TypeAluminumQMFZ2

Product Diagram of HM100 Series With UL

HM100F3N-HU/ HM100F2N-H

Product Diagram of HM100 Series With UL



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