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Lightning Protection PDU

Lightning Protection PDU

Power lightning protection strips are mainly used for the final protection of AC power, used for terminal equipment, such as background machines, video surveillance systems, Ethernet switches, and household appliances 220VAC power protection. This series of products has the characteristics of fast response time and low residual pressure and has a good lightning protection effect without affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Customized plug power extension board with surge & spike protection can be provided: 8, 10, 12, or multi-outlet surge protector with long cord; 12-way power surge protected extension lead with individual switches; 8-way anti-surge extension power bar/board; 20 amp grounded metal power strip surge protector with switch control; rack-mountable PDU with electrical power strip surge suppressor, white/black...

Features Of Lightning PDU Power Strip Surge Protector

  1. Use flame-retardant PC material to protect equipment safety.                                                                                                                            

  2. The aluminum alloy shell is sturdy and durable, and the heat dissipation is fast, ensuring firmness during the installation of the cabinet.

  3. The power supply protection devices are with overload protection, when the power consumption exceeds the rated power, the overload protector will automatically cut off the power supply.

  4. Phosphor bronze is used as a conductive material inside, which has good conductivity, low-temperature rise, and is not easy to generate heat.

Specification Of Lightning PDU Electrical Power Strips Surge Protection

Models      ParameterPDUPDU10-220PDU16-220
Working  voltage Un220V
Max continuous operating voltage Uc275V
Rated operational current Ie10A16A
Nominal discharge current In5kA(8/20μs)
Max discharge current Imax10kA(8/20μs)
Protection level Up900V
Response time Ta25ns
Protection modeL-PE, N-PE
DimensionPDUThe length is standard 19 inches 498(L) ×56(W) ×45(H)mm
MCThe size depends on the number of sockets
Remote  ControlOption
IP gradeIP20

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