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Intelligent multifunctional SPD monitor and data acquisition device

Intelligent multifunctional SPD monitor and data acquisition device

This product is an on-line monitoring and data acquisition device for surge protectors (SPDs). It mainly collects SPD damage status and damage degree, circuit breaker trip status, SPD false grounding and poor grounding status, SPD action times, SPD temperature, system Voltage, lightning peak value, lightning occurrence time, etc.; configure standard RS485 interface data communication, support wired and wireless communication methods; can be used in a network or independently, and can provide a custom programming interface for customers to connect to other proprietary protocols. If you want more information about it or Techwin's other intelligent lightning surge protection devices, like smart spd, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

Feature of Intelligent multifunctional SPD monitor and data acquisition device

a. Surge peak value collection, times accumulation, occurrence time, automatic monitoring and calculation of SPD life.

b. 1 lightning current collection, 1 leakage current collection, 1 temperature collection, 3 system voltage collection

c. Can save 100 sets of lightning data, support wired and wireless transmission.

d. Support wired and wireless transmission.

e. On-site alarm function, even if it is not connected to the Internet, on-site management can be easily realized.

f. Remote alarm function, through the cloud server, can remotely monitor the data of any collection terminal and obtain real-time alarm information.

Application of Intelligent multifunctional SPD monitor and data acquisition device

  • Power equipment monitoring system

  • Railway power distribution monitoring

  • Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgical industry

  • New energy

  • Industrial communication field

  • Environmental protection and water conservancy

  • Coal mine, food industry

  • Airport terminal

Specification of Intelligent multifunctional SPD monitor and data acquisition device

Place of OriginChina
Brand NameTechwin
Working voltageAC 220V
Product power consumption2W
Product power consumptionRS485/wireless
Communication protocol:standard MODBUS protocol
Lightning peak acquisition:1 channel
Current sensorRogowski coil
Acquisition range1KA~80KA
Measurement accuracy:±10%
Lightning data storage:100 groups
Voltage acquisition3 channels
Voltage range0~400V
Current acquisition1 channel
Switch value acquisition:3 channels (remote signal, air switch, grounding)
Leakage current range:0.05~2mA
Temperature acquisition:1 channel
Temperature acquisition range:-20~105 ℃
Temperature accuracy±0.5°C
Alarm indicationRed LED light is on
IP protection levelIP 20
Material of Enclosureflame retardant pc
working environment-20-70℃, Humidity ≤ 95%
Transmission distancewireless (4000 m viewing distance)
Mounting35mm DIN-rail
Weight per unit180g

Installation and Wiring Diagram of Intelligent multifunctional SPD monitor and data acquisition device


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