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Mountain Flood Disaster Automatic Rain Gauge Station Renewal and Reconstruction Project In Shanxi province.

Project background

Mountain torrent disasters are the most common and most prone to natural disasters in Shanxi Province, especially with the aggravation of extreme weather and the impact of human activities, mountain torrent disasters are more frequent.


As early as 2010, the construction of a mountain torrent disaster prevention system was carried out in Shanxi Province, and a basic mountain torrent prevention system with early warning information covering the whole province was established. This project is combined with the upgrade and transformation of the existing basic rainfall station, which significantly improves the level of hydrological information processing and intelligent service. The defense capabilities have been qualitatively improved. The early warning system and the group monitoring and group prevention system have played an important role in disaster prevention. Disaster reduction effect.


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Project requirements


Automatic rainfall monitoring station is an important mountain flood disaster prevention equipment, integrating information collection, transmission, analysis, and early warning. It realizes the timely and accurate upload and release of early warning information, so that possible disaster-affected areas can take timely measures. Minimize the loss of personnel and property. The rain gauge renewal project integrates Tilting rain gauge, data acquisition terminal RTU, maintenance-free gel storage battery, solar panel and other equipment. While the new technology brings great convenience, it also becomes more "fragile" and the monitoring station is general. Located in an open area or high mountainous terrain, it is vulnerable to lightning and surges, which poses serious challenges to the safe operation of monitoring stations.



Lightning protection solution

The automatic rainfall station is composed of a data acquisition instrument, a tipping bucket rainfall sensor, a communication unit and a power supply system. The harsh outdoor environment has high requirements for the quality and service of lightning protection equipment. For this project,Techwin provided a DC surge protector M10-24, control signal lightning protection device D12Y2, network signal lightning protection D05J4, etc. The surge protector of Techwin effectively  protects the operation of various monitoring stations, builds a powerful hydrological monitoring system for Shanxi Province, realizes the unified supervision of hydrological information in the province, and provides strong support.

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