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The Relationship Between Up and in in Surge Protector (SPD)

Shenzhen Techwin Lightning Technologies Co., Ltd has independently successfully developed a series of products: SPD surge protector, power surge protector, power surge protector, signal surge protector, signal surge protector, antenna feeder surge protector, monitoring system three-in-one One, two-in-one integrated lightning protection device, power over Ethernet lightning protection device (patented product), Gigabit network lightning protection device (patented product), lightning protection equipment, lightning protection socket and lightning detection for photovoltaic and wind power new energy industries, etc. .

1. The connection between the Up and In of surge protector against lightning

The value of the voltage protection level Up is the voltage peak value of the SPD under the impact of In, and In is artificially set to evaluate the SPD's ability to withstand surge current, and it is the current peak value of 8 / 20 μs waveform flowing through the SPD. Because the volt-ampere characteristic curve of a certain SPD is fixed, as shown in the figure (the curve is non-linear, but the voltage value will increase with the increase of the current), so if the In value claimed for this certain SPD is different , then the corresponding Up value will be different, so the Up value is not a fixed value. In other words, the Up value under a certain In value cannot truly reflect the protection level of the SPD surge protector, because a point cannot be used to represent a curve.


The volt-ampere characteristic curve of SPD

In the actual long-term use environment of the SPD surge protector, the SPD is required to withstand many (such as 5000 times) lightning surges and operating overvoltage surges without damage. During product testing, it is impossible to carry out so many tests, so it is necessary to artificially select a nominal discharge current In that is much higher than the expected surge current ISPD to evaluate the performance of the surge protector SPD against multiple small shocks. tolerance. Under this In value, the corresponding measured Up1 value is not equal to the Up2 value measured under the expected surge current ISPD value (as shown in the figure), but due to the SPD test standard and lightning protection engineering design standard in this If the concept is not well connected, there is a misunderstanding of this parameter by engineering designers, thinking that the protection level Up value is a fixed value, no matter how large the lightning current is, the protection level is the Up value marked on the product by the manufacturer. A parameter similar to the withstand voltage value Uw of the device.

2. Buy a surge protector against lightning, choose Techwin first

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