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What is a POE Network Lightning Arrester?

POE network lightning arresters (POE network surge protector, Ethernet power supply surge protector) is designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC and GB standards and meets the requirements of IEEE 802.3AT. It is suitable for surge protection of the power and network signal lines of communication equipment such as servers, wireless APs, network cameras, and network switches that use POE network cables for power. The device is designed for convenient installation with a compact, integrated design.

POE network lightning arresters, also known as Ethernet power supply lightning arrestors, belong to a type of network signal lightning arrestor. They protect Ethernet systems that are sensitive to electromagnetic interference from damages caused by lightning overvoltage, induction overvoltage, static discharge, and other incidents.

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Mostly used for POE monitoring cameras, POE network switches, wireless AP bridges, IP telephones, and other POE network power supply equipment ports for lightning protection. The standard interface is RJ45, plug and play, very convenient.

The POE network surge protector adopts a multi-stage protection circuit with low residual voltage level and excellent protection effect. There are usually two types available, the 100 Megabit and the Gigabit ones, such as the POE5-48 (100 Megabit) and POE6-48 (Gigabit) of Shenzhen Tiandun. They can be single-port or multi-port.

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1. Product Features of Poe Network Lightning Arresters: Signal Lightning Arresters

(1) Continuously protects against lightning strikes when the grounding resistance increases or the grounding is failed.

(2) The lightning protection effect is not dependent on ground wires.

(3) Freely configurable and easy to choose.

(4)The appearance structure of these lightning surge protection devices adopts the rugged American style with unique lines design.

(5)When ground conditions do not meet the standard, the installation of POE network lightning protection systems products is not restricted by geographical location or environmental factors.

2. Main Advantages of Poe Network LightningArresters: Network Monitoring Lightning Arresters

(1) This type of network signal surge protector uses an aluminum alloy housing with a good shielding effect.

(2) The installation is simple and easy to use. The lightning protection of both the signal channel and the power supply channel can be achieved simultaneously.

(3) After installation, it requires no maintenance. Compared with traditional lightning arresters, it saves manpower and material resources, has low insertion loss, and fast response time.

(4) It has an interface structure specially designed for project layout optimization. The wiring interface is clearly labeled and the engineering wiring is neat and elegant.

(5) The appearance of the POE network lightning protection device is small and compact, with a rigorous structure and is suitable for small equipment boxes.

(6) The model is suitable for various distribution box wiring sites.

(7) The combination equal potential connection mechanism is suitable for power and signal protection of different systems and purposes (such as network communication and video monitoring).

3. Notes on the Installation and Use of Poe Network Lightning Arresters

(1) The lightning protection system is connected in series between the protected equipment and the signal channel.

(2) The input terminal (IN) of the lightning protection system is connected to the signal channel, and the output terminal (OUT) is connected to the protected equipment. They cannot be reversed.

(3) Connect the grounding wire of the lightning protection system to the grounding row reliably.

(4) This product does not require special maintenance. If the lightning arrester is suspected of malfunctioning during system operation, it can be removed and checked. If the system returns to normal after restoring to the original state of use, it means that the lightning arrester is damaged and must be replaced immediately.

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