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Technology sharing of intelligent integrated multi-function light poles

"Smart light pole" is actually "multiple poles in one", which integrates multiple functions into one light pole, which can integrate street light poles, traffic facilities poles, road name signs, traffic lights, and guide signs along the road to solve the problem of multi-head construction. , waste of resources, decentralized management, affecting the appearance of the city and other issues. With the development and planning of 5G, Internet of Things, and new infrastructure, smart light poles were once positioned as the "smart city entrance".

With the help of smart light poles, people's living environment and quality of life have been significantly improved. General monitoring equipment needs to be equipped with lightning protection devices. What are the risks of lightning strikes in the monitoring system? What are the common problems of smart light pole lightning protection?


The smart light pole is mainly composed of three parts: front-end equipment, management platform and line engineering

Front-end equipment: Refine the design of the appearance and structure of the newly built light poles, and mount monitoring equipment, WIFI equipment, LED displays, environmental monitoring, 4G, 5G communication base station equipment, intelligent lighting, etc. on the corresponding light poles according to the actual situation.

Management platform: Build a comprehensive, multi-service application intelligent integrated management platform based on equipment management and with "multi-system linkage", "intelligent analysis" and "plan execution" as the core. Mainly include: video surveillance system, intelligent light pole management system, WIFI management system, intelligent display system, environmental monitoring system, lightning early warning system, etc. Each system is equipped with corresponding background management equipment.

Line engineering: According to the needs of smart light poles, select the appropriate pipe position, lay power pipes, communication pipes, etc.


To sum up, the lightning strike risk of smart light poles is mainly concentrated in three aspects:

Direct lightning strike: lightning strikes directly on the smart light pole, resulting in mixed forces such as electric effect, thermal effect and mechanical force, causing substantial damage to the smart light pole, as well as causing casualties and property losses; Light poles are generally shaded by surrounding buildings and are relatively less affected.

Lightning induction: electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction occur on the line to generate induced overvoltage, which is transmitted to the smart light pole through the conductor to indirectly destroy the microelectronic device. Induction lightning strikes are most harmful to microelectronic equipment, especially communication system equipment, lighting system equipment, charging and power supply system equipment, electronic computer network system and monitoring equipment. According to data, microelectronic equipment is damaged by lightning strikes, and more than 80% are caused by induction lightning cause.

Ground potential counterattack: The instantaneous high potential generated when lightning strikes near the smart light pole or when the lightning protection device discharges the lightning current into the ground flows back into the smart light pole, causing huge losses to the equipment and personnel inside the smart light pole. Ground potential counterattack is also an important reason why it is easy to be ignored and damaged in the lightning protection design of smart light poles.


In response to the current lightning protection problems of smart light poles, Techwin lightning protection engineers put forward the following solutions.

Install the ground flashback strike protection device

The ground flashback strike protection device is installed, which can reduce the amplitude of the strike back voltage and current to 3~5% of the original, which greatly protects the circuit equipment.


For overhead signal protection ground, a ground flashback protection device is installed between the general grounding bars of the bus rails;

The shield of the armored cable is directly connected to the main busbar;

flashback protection device is installed between the weak current working ground (or DC protection ground) and the general grounding bar ;

Surge protector against multiple pulses

3+1 (1+1) type B/C multi-pulse surge protectors are installed at the incoming line end of the AC power supply;

Two-line-to-ground type B/C-level multi-pulse surge protectors are installed at the incoming end of the DC power supply;

The protection air switch adopts the backup protector (SCB) that matches the power SPD;


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