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CCTV Protector

CCTV/Safety Monitoring

There is much outdoor security surveillance camera equipment in cities, which are exposed to the threat of lightning damage. Installing a suitable surge protector/surge protector/SPD can well protect this outdoor security equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

According to the lightning protection needs of the monitoring system, Techwin proposed a comprehensive lightning protection solution

At each monitoring point of the monitoring front end, a set of corresponding monitoring special lightning protection devices must be configured

(1) The working voltage is 220VAC, and the M10-220/D05J4 power supply/network combo lightning protection device is selected.

Data collection, security monitoring, and lightning protection measures

(1) Network signal transmission is mostly used for monitoring data collection, and a multi-port network signal lightning protection device should be configured. Such as Techwin D05J4-24.

Lightning protection measures for the power supply system

(1) The power distribution box of the central computer room is equipped with a type 2( Class C) lightning protection device with Imax≧40kA (8/20μs). Such as Techwin power lightning protection device M40B4.

(2) A four-level lightning protection device with Imax≧5kA (8/20μs) is installed in front of the terminal equipment. Such as Techwin lightning protection strip MC10-220-6.

CCTV/Safety Monitoring

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