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The Role of Lightning and Surge Protection Devices in Biogas Plants

In modern biogas facilities, biogas, as a clean and renewable energy source, is being widely used globally. However, for biogas plants, which process organic materials and produce biogas, the safe operation of internal equipment is crucial. Particularly under adverse weather conditions such as lightning and surges, safety protection of biogas plants is especially important. This article will explore the role of lightning and surge protection devices in biogas plants.

Why must biogas plants install lightning surge protection devices?

Lightning surge protection devices are not optional but are basic facilities mandated by various global regulations and safety standards, emphasizing the urgent need to protect life, property, and electronic equipment from the destructive effects of lightning and voltage spikes. Following international standards, such as Europe's IEC 62305, lightning protection systems are not only a legal obligation but also a fundamental responsibility. Compliance with these standards ensures that buildings are equipped with certifiedlightning surge protection devices, providing comprehensive protection to prevent structural damage, electronic equipment failures, and fires caused by lightning.

Lightning surge protection devices primarily function by introducing electromagnetic pulses, such as lightning and surges, into the ground, thus protecting electrical equipment inside the biogas plant from damage. These devices typically include lightning rods, down conductors, and grounding grids, which can effectively direct lightning energy into the ground and reduce its impact on the plant's equipment. Additionally, lightning surge protection devices can also suppress voltage spikes caused by grid fluctuations and switching operations, ensuring the stable operation of equipment within the biogas plant.

Application of lightning surge protection devices in biogas plants

In biogas plants, the application of lightning surge protection devices is mainly reflected in the following areas:


Main power line protection: Install Type 1 surge protection devices (SPD) on the main 1/230 AC power line at the low-voltage distribution board in the biogas plant, to withstand impulse currents of up to 25kA (10/350 μs). Type 2 surge protection devices are installed on the downstream sub-distribution boards. TheseSPDs have strong protection capabilities and can effectively prevent lightning and surges from damaging electrical equipment.

CHP (Combined Heat and Power) distribution panel protection: Modular multipole combined surge protection devices are installed at the CHP distribution panels to withstand overcurrent. These SPDs can ensure the stable operation of CHP facilities under adverse weather conditions like lightning and surges.

Terminal equipment protection: Install SPDs within a 5-meter range of the load to provide additional protection for terminal equipment. This can ensure that terminal equipment within the biogas plant is protected from electromagnetic pulses such as lightning and surges.

Application of remote monitoring systems

To ensure the effectiveness of lightning surge protection devices within the biogas plant, remote monitoring systems are needed. Such systems can monitor the operating status of electrical equipment, control systems, and other key equipment in real-time, and promptly detect and handle the impact of electromagnetic pulses like lightning and surges on the equipment. Through remote monitoring systems, operators can quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring the stable operation and production safety of the biogas plant.

In conclusion, lightning surge protection devices are indispensable safety protection measures for biogas plants. By rationally selecting and installing these devices, and combining them with the application of remote monitoring systems, the safe operation and stable production of biogas plants under adverse weather conditions like lightning and surges can be ensured.

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