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Hebei Province Hazardous Chemicals Enterprise Surge Protector Quality Spot Check Service Project

Project Background

Lightning disaster is one of the most serious natural disasters in Hebei Province. In recent years, there have been many explosions, burnings and building collapses caused by lightning strikes in Hebei Province, resulting in casualties, property losses and interruption of important public services. In order to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's people-centered concept of safe production development, deepen the implementation of the "Decision of the State Council on Optimizing Lightning Protection Licensing for Construction Projects" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 39) and "Hebei Province Safety Production Risk Control and Hidden Risks" Governance Regulations (Government Decree [2018] No. 2) to prevent and resolve major lightning disaster risks, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major lightning disasters.The Hebei Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the Hebei Provincial Emergency Management Department jointly carried out random inspections on the quality of surge protectors for hazardous chemical manufacturers.


Spot check content


(1) Investigate the installation of different types of surge protectors in hazardous chemical production enterprises;


(2) On-site inspection of the quality of surge protectors of hazardous chemical production enterprises;


(3) Carry out laboratory tests on sampling surge protectors.


Finally, through the analysis of the survey data, arrange people to purchase typical models of surge protectors with a high market share from the market or surge protection device manufacturers, and test their technical parameters in a professional laboratory with legal qualifications, such as the voltage protection level ( Determine the limit voltage), thermal stability, resistance to abnormal heat and fire index and action load. . Through the special work of random inspection of the quality of surge protectors, we can find out the overall status, brand, market share, quality level, etc. of surge protectors installed by hazardous chemical manufacturers in Hebei Province, so as to formulate targeted regulatory policies and Measures to provide basis and support.




Hebei Province is a large province of hazardous chemical production enterprises. Due to the special risks of hazardous chemical production enterprises, improving lightning protection devices and improving the quality of surge protectors are of great significance to the electrical system safety of hazardous chemical production enterprises. This time, Tiandun Lightning cooperated with customers to provide products such as large current power supply lightning protection M120B4, B+C power supply lightning protection device M100B+C and large current power supply lightning protection M80B4, and the on-site installation has been completed. Carrying out random inspections on the quality of surge protectors, promoting enterprises to use high-quality surge protectors, and further preventing lightning disaster risks is of great significance for improving the overall level of lightning protection safety for hazardous chemical production enterprises.





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