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Introduction to Signal Surge Protector and Its Lightning Protection Function

A signal surge protector is a type of surge protection devices that is linked in series on a signal line to reduce transient over-voltages and deflect surge currents away from the signal line. Signal surge protectors are necessary for the safety of electronic systems against lightning in modern culture, where micro-electronic technology is widely employed.

1. Function of signal surge protector

The signal surge protector reduces surges induced by electronic systems starting and stopping. The most prevalent cause of such surges, aside from lightning induction induced by signal line surges, is the start-up and stop-up of electronic equipment. Installing a suitable signal surge protector on the line effectively suppresses surges induced by electronic system operation, effectively decreases degradation and failure of electronically sensitive components, assures signal line stability, and extends the service life of electronic equipment.

2. The non-linear components of the signal surge protector

The non-linear components of the signal surge protector discharge the lightning current and restrict the surge voltage, which are both key functions of the signal surge protector. A non-linear resistor and a switching element are non-linear components in a signal surge protector, which is usually refers to a varistor.

The non-linear resistor is linked between the line and the ground, which in normal circumstances can be considered a break in the circuit. The transient overcurrent in excess of what the system can withstand is released into the ground in the case of an over-voltage in the electronic system, reducing the overvoltage on the line or on the equipment and ensuring the safety of the signal line and equipment.

3. Classification of signal surge protector

Signal surge protectors are classified as network signal surge protectors, video signal surge protectors, controlling signal surge protectors, audio signal surge protectors, explosion-proof signal surge protectors, and many other types audio video surge protectors based on the type of the line they protect. Each type has a variety of models, parameters, and appearances.

Signal surge protections are actually signal surge arrestors that are mounted in series in signal transmission lines, usually at the front of the equipment, to protect future equipment – various signal lines and devices from lightning waves that can damage the signal lines.

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