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SPD for New Energy System

SPD for New Energy System

New energy lightning protection devices (spd) (also known as a surge protector, lightning protector, overvoltage protector, lightning surge arrester) are mainly divided into AC/DC lightning surge protectors for solar panels, wind power plants, and photovoltaic (PV) solar lightning protection. The DC voltage range is generally 300~1500VDC, and the AC is 385V, 480V, 690V, 1000VAC, etc. SPD surge protectors are widely used in combiner boxes, for solar inverters, wind box transformers, and other equipment. according to GB18802.1 and IEC61643-1 standards. Surge protectors have a strong lightning current discharge capability, suitable for surge protection of DC power equipment of solar power generation systems and wind power systems.


  • SPD for Solar Power System/PV System
    SPD for Solar Power System/PV System
    Lightning combiner box for PV Array is installed between PV module and inverter.
  • SPD for Windpower System
    SPD for Windpower System
    Wind power SPD is mainly used to protect wind power system equipment and sensitive electric and electronic parts in turbine system from lightning over-voltageand transient over-voltage, widely applied in power line protection in wind power system's distribution box, and other AC distribution box.
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