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What if the Connecting Wire of the Lightning Surge Protector is Too Long?

In lightning protection engineering, when arranging surge protectors, the connecting wires are required to be short and straight. However, in many cases at the construction site, the connecting wires are too long to meet the requirements of the specification. In this case, the lightning protection effect of the surge protector will be affected.

So what should we do if the connection wire of the lightning surge protector is too long? As a professional lightning protector supplier, TECHWIN will make a detailed analysis for you.

1. The lightning surge protector is connected by the Kevin wiring method

According to the provisions in the building lightning protection technical specifications, in order to obtain a smaller effective voltage protection level of the lighting surge protector, a surge protector with a smaller voltage protection level value should be selected, and reasonable wiring should be used, and the connection should be shortened. The wire length of the surge protector should not be greater than 0.5m.

Therefore, when installing one power surge protector, choose its installation location and take reasonable wiring to make the leads at both ends as short as possible. The purpose is to reduce the voltage caused by the excessively long leads and improve the surge protection. For the protection efficiency of the device, we usually use the Kevin connection method.

2. Increase the wire diameter of the connecting wire of the lightning surge protector

In the actual construction process, if it is difficult to select the location of the lightning proof surge protector and the length of the wire, the length of the connection line may be appropriately relaxed according to the situation, but the cross-sectional area should be appropriately increased. The length of the grounding wire of the lighting surge protector should be less than 1 meter, and it should be near the ground.

The diameter of the copper wire connecting the phase wire of the first-level surge protector can be upgraded from 6mm² to 10mm²; the copper wire connecting the grounding terminal can be 16mm².

The copper wire diameter of the connecting phase wire of the secondary surge protector can be upgraded from 4mm² to 6mm²; the copper wire connected to the grounding terminal can be 10mm².

The copper wire diameter of the connecting phase wire of the three-level and four-level surge protectors can be upgraded from 2.5mm² to 4mm²; the grounding terminal can be connected to the copper wire by 6mm².

3. The lightning surge protector can use multi-core PVC insulated cords

According to scientific experiments, when the number of wires is increased from one to four, the pressure drop is reduced by 48%, and the cross-sectional area of one wire is changed from 2.5mm² to 10mm², and the pressure drop is only reduced by 10%. Therefore, if the length of the connecting wire of the surge protector cannot be shortened at the construction site, multi-core PVC insulated flexible wire can be used instead of single-stranded wire.

The above three measures to solve the excessively long connecting wires of the lightning protection surge protector are for your reference only, and the specific solutions should be determined according to the actual situation on the site and the voltage protection level of the surge protector.

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