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SPD for Telecommunication/ Antenna Protector

SPD for Telecommunication/ Antenna Protector

TV antenna feeder lightning arrester is a kind of antenna lightning protector, which is mainly used for coaxial cable lightning protection for feeder lines. Antenna-feed lightning arrester is also called antenna-fed signal lightning arrester, antenna surge arrester, antenna-fed line lightning arrester, and antenna-fed line antenna arrester. In the actual selection, the coaxial surge protector's frequency range, insertion loss, VSWR, maximum discharge current and other parameters are the primary considerations. Coax lightning arrestor installation is of great importance. As a professional manufacturer of TV antenna surge protector, we always take providing high-quality SPD in telecom as our purpose. If you need our antenna surge protector, you can contact us. 


Why Do We Need Coaxial Surge Protector?

Coaxial lightning surge protector also lists coaxial lightning protector. Gps surge protector can prevent the above all kinds of system equipment from induced overvoltage, overcurrent and other instantaneous surge voltage caused by lightning or industrial noise. Coaxial surge arrester is mainly used for power surge protection of cable TV transmission and electronic monitoring system equipment.

Coaxial cable is used for Internet and television distribution. Sometimes coaxial surge protection device allows faster and more comprehensive transmission of signals. Electronic devices are highly sensitive to changes in the power supply pointing to them. Power surges or spikes that last less than a second can irrevocably short-circuit computers, televisions, or other connected electronic devices. Coax lightning protection is very important. Due to lightning strikes or power line failures, surges are usually unpredictable and unpredictable, and coaxial surge protection device redirects excess energy caused by spikes or surges generated by cables, which can be particularly dangerous to electronic equipment due to the higher frequency transmission of coaxial lightning protector. Without coax cable surge protector, any electronic equipment connected by cable is at risk of damage or even complete damage. Some combined coax lightning arrestor installation differ in that they have additional cable line inputs and outputs. This enables coaxial cable lightning protection to provide dual protection against conventional power surges and cable line surges. There is also a separate coaxial cable surge protector that provides only cable protection. There are many different levels and brands of coax lightning arrestor.

Applications of Antenna Lightning Protector

Antenna arrester is suitable for lightning protection of all kinds of RF signal receiving and transmitting system.

Antenna protector is suitable for wireless Transmission of Network signal and Protection of Interface equipment.

Antenna surge arrester  is suitable for protection of Wireless transmitting and receiving equipment of Industrial Control signal.

Antenna surge protector is suitable for protection of satellite TV receiving equipment.

Antenna surge suppressor is suitable for protection of Wireless transmitting and receiving equipment of Monitoring signal.

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